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A) EMOM 10
2x hang power snatch

B) Snatch pulls
4×5 @ 80-90% Snatch

C) 5x
15 pull ups
10 shoulder to overhead, 135/85



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A) EMOM 10
Odd: 6x muscle snatch
Even: 6x strict c2b pull up

B) EMOM 10
Odd: 1x power clean & jerk + 1x cluster
Even: 6-10x pendlay rows

C) AMRAP 10….
Unbroken hang power cleans, 185/135
Lateral bar burpees



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Today starts week 1 of a planned 10 week cycle. We’ll be doing back squats for all ten weeks. There will be a deadlift cycle starting on week 3 and a bench cycle starting on week 5. The back squat days will look similar to what’s below: warm up with weighted jumps, heavy squats, fast squats, then pause squats. The pause squats will increase in difficulty every week, everything else will stay about the same.

A) Warm up
After warming up, 6×3 weighted squat jumps – try to hit your head on the ceiling! Use something light such as an empty barbell or tiny dumbbells. Do your 3x reps, shake it off, go again!

B) Back squats
Warm up to a single set of 3x @ 80%

C) Speed squats
5 sets of 4x @ 50%, rest 1min between sets – no pausing at the top or bottom, but make sure to fully extend and hit depth! A fast controlled descent followed by an explosive rise out of the bottom.

D) Pause squats
8 sets of 3x @ 55%, 5-sec pause

E) 4x
15 sit ups
25 double unders


Sunday, August 24th update

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Yay, testing week has come to an end! Hopefully everyone was able to test their lifts and establish some maxes for use in the coming weeks. If you missed a day, please get with a gym manager to arrange a time for you to come in and do them (if we think it’s necessary).


Changes to our day-to-day operations
Some of you don’t have current memberships…get to it! If you don’t have a membership, our standard drop in rate is $15, or you can buy a week for $50. One of you put some money down to secure the student semester plan, I’ll get that discounted invoice out to you this week. This is also the last week to purchase the student semester plan!

I added open gym hours back to the schedule. One in the morning and one in the afternoon. The morning time is set at 600-700, but the two hour block in the AM is for open gym use as long as you have a qualifying membership and you don’t get in the way of the regular classes. The afternoon open gym is from 330-430 only. Afternoon classes are bigger so you needs to move! Friday is going back to its “open gym/rest day” schedule, but on occasion there will be programming on Fridays.

We will be testing out a 10AM class. I’ll be offering it Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. If it becomes popular we will look into offering it every day of the week, and possibly expanding open gym hours in the morning.

We will be asking for team wod programming ideas for Saturdays. Have an idea for a wod? Write it down and bring it in Saturday. We’ll pick one submission and we’ll do it exactly as written. Make sure you have scaling options included! Keep it under 15-20 minutes so we can do two WODs if time allows.

Upcoming programming
Tomorrow starts week 1 of a planned 10 week cycle. Unlike some gyms, we have a set of goals we want to achieve and we make a plan to get it done. It might not always seem apparent since CrossFit is constantly varied (emphasis on constantly varied, not just some random shit thrown together. Check out this article from Invictus for more info about variance in programming). If you have a question about what we’re doing, what we’re going to do, and why we do it, ask us! If you go to a gym and ask the head coach why he or she programs this or that and they don’t have an answer, that’s not a good sign. So what can you expect over the next 10 weeks?

Squats – heavy squats, speed squats, pause squats…lots of squats! We’re focusing on speed and power out of the hole, almost like you’re trying to jump out of the bottom. On days that we squat, we really won’t be doing much else. Also, there will no longer be a set day we squat (like when Monday was always squat day); instead it will rotate through out the week.

Heavy lifting – we might not increase your 1RM lifts, or maybe we will, but it’s not quite the focus during this cycle. Instead we’re going to increase the intensity of the lifts while lowering the volume. We want you to get used to throwing heavy weight around. WODs will be shorter but weights will be heavier. Same thing during the technique portion of the hour, less reps but heavier.

Strong back and core – I’ll program whatever I can, but I also urge y’all to come in early or stay late to do some core work (static holds, dynamic movements, etc). I’ll write up a list and rep schemes and post it by the wod board.

Leave an extra rep or two in the tank – we will not be training to failure – we will always strive for perfection. If it’s sloppy, it doesn’t count. We don’t want to reinforce bad movement patterns, so if you have to take off some weight to fix your form, then so be it. We do not get stronger by missing attempts, we get stronger by making the lifts!

In a few weeks we’ll start a short deadlift cycle. In a few weeks after that we’ll start a bench press cycle.

The upcoming week
Monday – back squats and a quick ab & cardio workout
Tuesday – emom oly work and a heavy barbell & bodyweight wod
Wednesday – snatches and a couplet of pull ups and barbell work
Thursday – presses and a nice long workout
Friday – open gym/ rest day
Saturday – olympic lifting (must have unlimited membership)
Sunday – gymnastics (must have unlimited membership)


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Test Everyday Max
Bench press

Final day of testing, make sure you’ve hit every lift or have an idea what your max lift might be (and it’s best to take a conservative guess) because we’ll start with percentages a lot more starting next week. I’ll post more information on the Sunday update!



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A) Mobilize
Take your time and get ready for…

B) Karen
150 wall ball shots, 20/14#


Or if you weren’t here yesterday or you won’t be here tomorrow, make sure to complete the tests of your EDM lifts


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Test Everyday Max
Overhead squat

Rowing extra credit
4 minutes on, 2 minutes rest – until pace/form deteriorates



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A) Mobilize
Take your time to get ready for…

B) Fran
Thrusters, 95/65#
Pull ups


Or if you were not here on Monday, you will complete the lifts from yesterday and establish an EDM for each. If you will not be here tomorrow and already did the EDM tests on Monday, then you will do the tests for Wednesday. The EDM tests are the most important things to do this week.

Row extra credit


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Test Everyday Max
Back squat
Strict press
Push press
Clean & jerk

Rowing extra credit
20 minutes, steady state, 22-25 spm, 80% full pressure

Sunday, August 17th update

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Deload week is done! Thanks for being patient and trusting our programming! The only way to get better is to let your body rest and recover from the hell we put you through every day, even if it means taking a break from the barbell every now and then.

So this week, we are testing all our lifts for an Everyday Max (EDM). An EDM is a max that you can hit everyday, regardless of your mood or what you ate for breakfast or what the color of the boathouse in Hereford is… in case it wasn’t obvious by the name.

If you fail the lift and want to retry, it’s obviously more than your EDM, so no, move on to the next movement.

If you can work up to a back squat of 315# in about twelve minutes but you need another twenty minutes to successfully squat 325#, no, move on and take 315# as your EDM.

We will start using percentages a lot more during the skill portion as well as the WOD. A lot of these percentages will be challenging but doable if you are using your EDM to calculate these numbers, and not some old PR that might be out of your current reach. I do not want any missed lifts for this next cycle!

The lifts will be tested on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday… With different lifts every day. If you only come 3x next week come on those days. If you cannot make it all of those days, you will get a chance to make them up on Tuesday and Thursday

If you come more than 3x next week, then there will be a wod for you on Tuesday and Thursday. The wods will be benchmark girl wods, so take your time to get ready and then give it everything you got!

If you need extra work this week, you will be doing intervals on the rower. I will post those every day.

Back squat, press, push press, c&j

Girl wod capped at 10 minutes

Jerk, overhead squat, snatch

Girl wod capped at 15 minutes

Deadlift, bench, clean

Let is know if you have any questions or concerns about the upcoming cycle.

Happy lifting!

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