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A) Technique Tuesday!
-Halting deadlifts, cleans, and snatches
-Coach will tell you what you’re about to do (ex: power snatch) – you will get into the start position and the coach will call out each position for you to cycle to (below knee, above knee, hips, or finish) -Positions can be called in any order, going up and down, multiple times, before the rep is completed
-We’re working on position and perfection – stay light

B) 21-15-9 Complex
8 deadlifts, 155/115#
7 cleans
6 snatches
8 pull ups
7 chest to bar pull ups
6 bar muscle ups
6 deadlifts, 155/115#
5 cleans
4 snatches
6 pull ups
5 chest to bar pull ups
4 bar muscle ups
4 deadlifts, 155/115#
3 cleans
2 snatches
4 pull ups
3 chest to bar pull ups
2 bar muscle ups

-7 minute cap
-There will be a scaled option with similar movements
-There will be 2 heats – partner up with somebody – you will count and judge them, and they will count and judge you!


AMRAP 3: parallette shoot thrus
-rest 2-
AMRAP 3: 10 hollow rocks + 10 arch rocks


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A) Back squat
Just like last week but somehow more awesome

B) HeSPU + Clean Couplet
1 – 10 deficit headstand push ups
10 – 1 squat cleans


Snatch, heavy single
High hang clean, heavy double


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-open gym/rest day-



Kristine is entranced by the CrossFit Games…

FringeSport OneFitWonder Sandbag Review

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FringeSport was kind enough to offer their OneFitWonder Sandbag System for review. So we put it to the test and tried to break it!


We use sandbags every now and then during our WODs, but the limiting factor has been that a lot of sandbags (GORUCK, Rogue), while built like tanks, are just too expensive for the amount of use we’d get out of them. The GORUCK sandbags are definitely some of the better options on the market, but an 80# bag costs almost $140. The OneFitWonder bag costs half as much and we were able to fill it with 100# of sand.


Fringe sent out a “Heavy-duty Cordura construction” bag with a “military-grade YKK zipper”. I’d be interested to know the grade of the Cordura. The GORUCK bags are made of 1000D Cordura, and while the FringeSport is less, it has shown no signs of breaking down yet. They also included 3 filler bags (40#, 40#, & 20#), but at the time of writing this review I don’t see the filler bags for sale on their website anymore. Hopefully they’re just out of stock.


The OneFitWonder filler bags seem just as bomb-proof as the GORUCK filler bags and at a fraction of the cost. You can see in the picture above that it has two layers of velcro: the first layer seals the bag and a second layer of velcro folds over for a more leak-proof system.


100 pounds of sand, ready to test!


The first downside I found of the OneFitWonder sandbag system is that they only produce one size shell. It seems that the bag is best fitted with 2x 40# filler bags, but I was able to stuff in the 20# filler. It was a tight (and lopsided) fit! This was the only arrangement I was able to make work. Filling the shell with only one 40# might feel awkward when working out with it due to all the extra slack in the bag. But this could be remedied by using a mixture of rubber mulch, sand, and/or gravel to take up extra volume for the same weight.


Once I was able to zip up the bag, I discovered my favorite feature: velcro on the outside to protect the zipper (and hopefully keep in any loose sand). The GORUCK sandbag is sealed with only a zipper, but the GORUCK zipper is more heavy-duty than the OneFitWonder zipper. The Rogue Fitness sandbags that we have are sealed with a zipper and a few snap buttons. The filler bags in those have started to leak sand and the Rogue zipper does nothing to keep the sand in. I constantly get a face full of sand whenever I do sandbag cleans with it.


Now that it’s all put together, what can we do to test it? We did a fun little partner workout of sandbag burpees, sangbag runs, and hang cleans with the sandbag.


A sandbag burpee consisted of starting with the sandbag on the ground, lowering yourself onto the bag by doing a chest-to-bag push up. You then stand up, clean the bag to your shoulders, press it overhead, and repeat.


We encouraged our test athletes to be as rough as possible on it and made sure they slammed and threw the OneFitWonder bag as hard as they could. Is that as hard as you can slam it?! Try harder!


100 sandbag burpees later and it was time for a half mile run and 100 hang cleans. It didn’t leak any sand during the WOD. I am impressed!


Over a week later and another half a dozen uses and it’s still going strong. I peeked inside and there was barely any loose sand. I checked one of my GORUCK bags and it had more loose sand inside but also has yet to leak any out onto the floor or onto an athlete.

The FringeSport OneFitWonder is a no-brainer choice if you’re in the market for a cheap and sturdy sandbag. We’ll be replacing our old torn and leaky bags with these in the future. Yay! More sandbag workouts!!!

The bag is not without its faults. Besides the lack of shell sizes, the biggest complaint we got from our athletes were the exterior handles. They said that the handles are too long and too skinny. After repeated cleans and carries, the handles really start to dig into your hands. It’s not as painful when wearing gloves, but the long handles make it a little awkward to carry and a little difficult to clean the bag to your shoulders and go overhead.


On the left, the FringeSport OneFitWonder sandbag. On the right, the GORUCK sandbag. Notice how much wider the GORUCK handles are. The GORUCK handles are also shorter and more flush with the shell which makes for easier carrying.


On the left, the FringeSport OneFitWonder sandbag. On the right, the Rogue Fitness sandbag. The FringeSport handles are slightly bigger, but they both are painful after a lot of repeated hang cleans and farmer carries, especially at 100+ pounds.

The FringeSport OneFitWonder sandbag is the best bag for your buck, but just be aware that its low cost brings some limitations. Whether you want to make it weigh 30# or 100#, it only comes in one size. The cheaper price means that it’s made of cheaper materials. Whether that means it’ll break anytime sooner than a more expensive bag is still to be seen. Hopefully in a future version they’ll change the handles and offer different size shells, but even if they don’t, FringeSport has made a great sandbag for a low price.


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A) Barbell complex #1
15 minutes, max weight

B) Barbell complex #2

3 shoulder to overheads*
1 lap

*add 3 reps every round – always 1 lap


Muscle ups
L-sit to handstand


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A) Pause front squats
6×2, work up to heaviest set

B) Thruster
Max weight from ground

C) Time trial
500m row


Back squat, 3 reps every min for 8 min, then 4 min to build to heavy single
Snatch high pull
Jerk, heavy single


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A) EMOM 15
Minute 1: 7 strict pull ups
Minute 2: 22 Russian kb swings
Minute 3: 27 double unders

B) Deadlifts
-no touch & go allowed – control the eccentric lowering of the bar, reset your position and pull again
-no letting go of the bar at any time


Muscle up practice


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A) Back squat
Week 5

10 pistols
20 box jumps
30 hspu
40 t2b
50 jumping lunges


A) Power snatch + hang snatch + pause overhead squat
B) Front squat, one and one quarter squats

Fall semester updates

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We’ll be starting and changing a few things in the next couple months.

Rewards: refer a friend or family member, get some money! Each time you get someone to do CrossFit 101, you get a gift card. If the same person signs up as a member, you get another gift card. We’ll have about 5 or 6 different gift cards ranging from Amazon to iTunes for you to choose from. You can also opt to get some money off your membership that month instead of a gift card.

Student semester discount: we’ll be offering a semester package for any students that would like to pay for the entire semester up front. It’ll be available to purchase in August and it expires on the last day of finals in December. It’ll cost $499 and it’ll give you the unlimited membership for roughly 4 months ($140/mo) which will net you at least 10% off your membership. If any current student members would like to switch to the prepaid plan, let us know before August 1st. If a non-student buys this plan, I will refund it immediately less a 10% restocking fee since you tried to pull a fast one on me!

Committments: we will always be a month-to-month service, but for those that expect to stay with us for a while we will begin offering a discount if you commit for for an extended period (most likely for a 12-month commitment only). Early termination fees will apply. More details soon!

CFS Unloaded/Sweatshop: we haven’t settled on a name yet, but we will be offering a new type of class 3x a week later in the fall. No CF101 or intro classes needed! It will be a functional fitness, high intensity class, but dialed down a notch for those that aren’t interested in doing all the weighted lifts found in our regular Crossfit classes. Similar to our Saturday wods, but also different! Schedule and pricing coming soon!

Mini no-frills kitchenette: we now have a fridge, toaster, microwave, blender, etc. Anyone can use them, just clean up after yourself. You can keep something in the fridge (write your name on it) and I will have it stocked with beer, water, and freezer pops. Don’t take anything that belongs to someone else! Freezer pops are free. Bottled water is 2 for $1, or a $10 donation for bottled water for the rest of 2014. No more free bottled water, I got tired of people leaving empty bottles around every day… Cups for water from the sink will remain free.

I think that about covers it.


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-open gym/rest day-


Don’t forget the potluck cook out on Saturday after the free team wod. It sure would be nice if everyone coming would rsvp and let us know what and who they might be bringing with. Sure would suck if we don’t have any plates or napkins tomorrow!


Again, I’ll be providing meats (burgers, turkey burgers, and a pork loin) and some cheap non-paleo beverages. I’ll have cheese for the burgers and some buns. If someone needs ketchup or onions or tomatoes or whatever for the their burgers, make sure you bring it! I’m not sure how many to expect so hopefully we won’t run out of food!

And good luck to Gerard who will be competing at the Garage Games’ Master’s Tour tomorrow up in Woodstock, GA!

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