With all the changes going on in the world due the current coronavirus pandemic, we at CrossFit South have been developing protocols to keep our gym as safe as possible.

Class sizes are limited to allow plenty of space for our members to workout without getting too close to other people. We are limiting classes to 10 participants, plus 3 people in our separate open gym area. Our gym is 9000sqft, so while we have plenty of room for more people without overlapping, we’d rather everyone be comfortable without having to worry about keeping a safe distance away from others. You must register for class times and open gym since we have instituted a hard cap. If the class is full, it will let you sign up for a waitlist. Do not show up for a class unless you are part of the roster – you will not be allowed to join the class if the cap has been reached!

The main pull-up rig for classes has squat stations 10ft apart on center, with dozens of pull-up bars to choose from. We’ve also squared off the main workout floor into areas that are slightly larger than 12’x12′ – each person gets a designated station where they can have plenty of space for their barbell, kettlebells, rowing machine, or whatever else is needed for the daily workout! Our open gym area also has its own platforms, squat racks, and weights.

To keep the gym as clean as possible, we are going to be closed on Sundays to allow for a thorough cleaning in addition to the sanitation procedures done after every class. Each person is responsible for cleaning up after every class. We use hydrogen peroxide cleaning products to spray down everything that was touched: barbells, plates, machines, pull up bars, dumbbells, kettlebells…everything! Other surfaces and fixtures are also sanitized with hydrogen peroxide, isopropyl alcohol, and bleach-based cleaners when needed. All members are asked to respect each other’s personal space which sadly means no more hugs, high fives, or fist bumps 🙁

  • Wash your hands when you arrive and wash hands before you leave
  • Do not share any equipment
  • Clean and sanitize anything that you used or even briefly touched while at the gym
  • No fist bumps, chest bumps, or hugs. Air high-fives are still allowed!
  • Stay in your designated workout area
  • Register to secure your spot for classes or open gym – if a cap is reached then you cannot join, no exceptions!

This landing page will be kept the most up-to-date, so if there is contradicting information still on our website, whatever is posted here is the current policy. One big change that we’ve instituted is that our Free Community WOD is currently on hold. There were times where, pre-covid, we’d have 30+ people in the gym which is obviously too much for the current times. We’ll see if we can bring it back sometime in the future in a more limited capacity. Another change that we’ve made to our present operations is putting our Burn classes on hold. They will return before the end of the summer, don’t worry! Until then you can still do our CrossFit classes or follow any of our supplemental programming.

  • If you’re interested in trying out CrossFit South, just shoot us an email (staff@crossfitsouth.com) and tell us about yourself. From there we’ll tell you to go ahead and sign up for a class time that works for you. Everyone new to CFS will get one free drop-in. Registering an account, signing up for classes, and purchasing memberships can be done HERE.
  • We are opening our doors to the public for a free workout on May 25th, Memorial Day Murph! You can click here to go to that date on the schedule. Class sizes are capped – if it’s full there’s nothing that can be done.
  • If you’re looking for our programming, we have that available to our members via an app called SugarWOD. It’s not a big secret that we’re trying to hide, this way is just simpler for us and our members. If you want to know what we do on a day to day basis, you can follow us on instagram and see our stories, or just ask us about our programming!
  • Memberships are month to month but we require a hold or cancellation notice by the 15th of the month to avoid a recurring charge. Our monthly plans are for unlimited visits with a discount for students/families/first responders. We can also do digital punch cards for 10x/20x visits.