Hey y’all, remember that we’re closed this weekend. I’m up at regionals helping them set up, come join! It’s going on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Need a ticket? Tell me a funny joke and the best ones get a ticket!

No Sweatshop in the afternoon for the rest of the week, but y’all are more than welcome to join a crossfit class and we’ll make it all kinds of fun!


A) Back squat
5rm, then 95% and 90% for 5

50 deadlifts (95/65)
50 front squats
50 push press
*if the bar rests on the ground, you must complete 5 burpees before continuing

A) Snatch
Working up to a heavy single, no misses

B) Clean and jerk
Working up to a heavy single, no misses

C) Open gym
Accessory work