*We are only able to offer Sweatshop at 0700 this week. My apologies for any inconvenience.

*We have added another afternoon class to the schedule this week. Depending on attendance we might keep it for the summer months.

*I’ve moved around some of the programming this week. We lost a day due to Memorial Day, but I’m also trying something different that will probably become permanent in future programming.

*Make sure to arrive before class starts. We are slowly phasing out the directed group warm up. The plan is to start class on time so you have the entire hour to get everything done and we’ll be less pressed for time. For now, you’ll have a 5 minute buffer (so 530pm starts at 535pm). I’ll have a recommended warm up written on the announcement board by the door. You can follow that or you can do your own thing. Please do not get in the way of another class that’s still going on! Whatever you do, you must warm up. If you show up late, that’s kinda ok, but you still have to warm up before joining the class. No one is allowed to start the class cold.

*Sweatshop will still have a coached group warm up

A) Push press, btn
3rm, then 95% and 90% for 3

B) EMOM 15
5 deadlifts, 135/95#
5 burpees over the bar

A) Hang power snatch
2 reps every 90 seconds for 9 minutes

B) Hang power clean
2 reps every 90 seconds for 9 minutes

C) EMOM 15
5 push press, 115/75#
5 burpees over the bar