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*Please please pleeeeeaaaase clean up after yourselves. I’m tired of finding water bottles, used tape, and other shit discarded and left behind each day. It takes 10 seconds to be responsible.

**Thank you for wiping down the equipment after you use something. But please stop being wasteful with the wipes. Sure, they’re more expensive than standard disinfectant wipes you can buy at the store, but that’s the price I chose to pay to stop the spread of germs. These things say they can kill MRSA and the flu and HIV! What I don’t like is seeing 10 wipes being pulled for 10 abmats and then thrown away…I still see chalk all over the pull up bars! You can wipe down more than one thing per wipe. Thanks.

A) Front squat
Establish a 1RM

30 v-ups
30 deadlifts, 95#/65#
30 burpees
30 front squats
30 dips

A) Snatch
Working up to a heavy single

B) Clean & jerk
Working up to a heavy single