Hey gang! Clean up your stuff after class. You’re adults. If you got something dirty or sweaty, wipe it down with our disinfectant wipes on the wall. If you got something out, put it back. You’re all adults for crying out loud, yet my brother and I had to clean up after almost every class today (and most days). It seemed that when we had a burpee penalty, the gym was a lot cleaner and more organized.

A) Weighted step ups
Week 3

B) Good mornings
Week 3

C) 3x
15 wall balls, 20/14
15 burpees
15 ball slams, 40/30

A) Overhead squat
Week 3

B) Snatch balance
Week 3

C) 3x
15 wall balls, 25/20
12 burpees
9 hang power snatch, 95/65

A) Gymnasty
Pistols and hspu

B) Overhead squat
Week 3

C) Snatch balance
Week 3

D) 5x
5 hang snatch, 135/95
3 burpee muscle up
1 lap

Going nowhere fast...