Remember, class isn’t over until everyone finishes the wod. If you finish early, you stay and support your fellow athletes. And clean up your messes! Rule breakers make Coach Raleigh angry!


This Friday there will not be a Girls Night WOD. Instead it will be open gym for everyone. If you don’t have the open gym membership you can still come to the time slot that says Crossfit, and it will be open gym. Coaches will work with you to establish maxes on any of the lifts you haven’t done yet… You’ll need to know these because we will be using percentages for the next cycle! Don’t ask us next week how much you should do, we won’t know! You can still come to open gym and do a girl wod, I simply won’t be organizing one.

Also, the two morning sessions on Friday will be open gym as well. Make sure you sign up before the morning.


A) Power snatch
Establish a 1RM in 12 minutes

B) “Helen”
400m run
21 kb swings
12 pull ups