Team WOD #1 300 pull ups 400 push ups 500 sit ups 600 squats *team weight never touches ground **compete in any order ***only two team members can work at any time Team WOD #2 C2 3-stroke max wattage Team WOD #3 Team prowler run


We will only have an 8AM class Saturday morning. Come join us for a fun team WOD before heading out to tailgate and go to the game!


MOD Box squats Strict press GMOD Tuck planche hold Tuck front lever hold WOD Tabata This


MOD Clean deadlifts @ 95%+ of max clean, 6×3 GMOD Iron Cross Progressions, 0:10s x 6 Sideways Handstand Walk (chest facing wall), 4m x 4* *walk 4m to one side, then return 4m to the other side equals 1 set WOD 6 Rounds, (rest ratio 1:1) -3 Power snatches -5 Thrusters


MOD Shoot Thrus GMOD 3x (6 HSPU + 9 Dips + 12 Clapping Push ups) 5x 0:20s False Grip Holds WOD Kill Cliff 22 Row, calories 22 Push press 22 Back squat 22 Strict pull ups 22 Deadlifts 22 Push ups, hand release 22 Hang cleans 22 Double unders 22 Box jumps 22 Sit ups 22 KB swings 22 Burpees


MOD Hang Squat Cleans GMOD Butterfly pullups, straight-legged, toes pointed Shoot thrus WOD 21-15-9 Deadlifts Thrusters  


MOD Box jumps GMOD Ring push ups Ring flys Handstand hold WOD 5 Rounds -10 overhead squats -10 box jumps


Team WOD #1 11 minute AMRAP Run lap w/ medicine ball KB swings *one partner runs while the other does KB swings **score = number of KB swings Team WOD #2 30 partner deadlifts (455#/315#) 30 burpees 100m partner prowler sprint @ combined bodyweight


MOD Squat cleans GMOD Planche holds, tuck Hollow Rocks WOD Row 500m 100 Double unders 90 Back extensions 80 Squats 70 Sit ups 60 Lunges 50 Push ups 40 Box jumps 30 Wall balls 20 Burpees 10 Pull ups Lap sprint


MOD Jerk GMOD Weighted strict pull ups Toes to bar WOD 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 Kettlebell swings Push ups Double Unders