Month: October 2012


MOD Snatch skill transfers GMOD Ring push ups + flys Handstand holds WOD “JP” 48 box jumps 48 push press 48 double unders 48 burpees 48 K2E 48 air squats 48 lunges 48 double unders 48 broad jumps 48 v-ups


First POSE run technique, pt 1 Second Buddy carry Prowler push Third Kalsu 100 thrusters for time -at the start of every minute, you must do 5 burpees -with the remaining time of each minute, do as many thrusters as you can/want -you don’t have to do thrusters every minute, you can rest, but you…


Beginning November 1st…morning classes will be held at 0530 & 0630 only, Monday thru Friday! Sign up rules still apply… If there is interest, we will begin offering 1100 classes on Tuesdays & Thursdays. Please speak with Keras if you are interested.