MOD Clean & jerk, 2 OTM x 7, 80% 1RM Snatch, 2 OTM x 7, 80% 1RM WOD 20 minute AMRAP Unbroken thrusters 100m farmers carry *Do as many thrusters as possible. Once you rest/let go -> start the farmers carry. *If we “no rep” you on a thruster, you stop and begin your farmers carry *Score = number of …


MOD Weighted step ups, 5×5+ WOD “Bear Complex” 7 Rounds Squat clean Shoulder to overhead Back squat Shoulder to overhead –touch and go–


MOD Handstand push ups, 4 OTM x 10 WOD 30m nasty kettlebell bear crawl *burpee penalty if you touch the ground, let go of the kettlebells, or bend your knees Here’s a regular kb bear crawl, now think how it can be worse:


MOD Clean & jerk, 7×2 OTM, 80% 1RM Snatch, 7×2 OTM, 80% 1RM WOD 7 rounds 7 deadlifts, 225/155# 1 wall climb 7 pull ups -30sec rest-


MOD Death by push ups WOD 5K run or 6K row time trial


MOD Clean and Jerk, 3 OTM for 7 min @ 75% 1RM Snatch , 3 OTM for 7 min @ 75% 1RM WOD A) Tabata double unders & toes-to-bar B) Sled pull


MOD Weighted step ups WOD 8 Minutes Find 5RM hang clean …3 minute rest… 150 wall balls, 8 minute cap I WILL NO REP YOU


MOD Box jumps WOD A) 10 minutes to find 1RM shoulder-to-overhead B) 2K row time trial *You can do A first or B first


MOD Snatch, 7 x 3 OTM @ 75% 1RM Clean & Jerk, 7 x 3 OTM @ 75% 1RM WOD 10 minute AMRAP Rival 1: 30m bear crawl Rival 2: max double unders *Switch when partner finishes bear crawl. Your # of double unders is your score. Crawl fast so your rival has less time to jump rope


MOD Box jumps –10 minutes to find 1RM height or -10 minutes: EMOTM 5 weighted box jumps WOD 20 MINUTE TIMER 1 mile sandbag run Then with remaining time… Find heaviest squat clean & jerk* *starting weight is 95/75/45#, you can only go up in 5 or 10# increments after each successful lift. That’s 10# total, not 10# on each …