Stevie! 31 unbroken reps of each* Kettlebell swings Wall balls Overhead squats Burpees Lunges Push jerks Knees to elbows Box jumps Hang cleans Sit ups Double unders Deadlifts *3 calorie penalty at end of wod for each time you stop mid-movement – you can rest between stations instead


A) EMOM X20 ODD: 3x (hang clean & jerk) EVEN: 10 t2b B) AMRAP 15 4 hang squat clean 10 bar facing burpee 50 double under


It’s time for another GORUCK Challenge in Athens, GA. Check out this link and inquire further at the gym! Friday, January 17th @ 9PM There’s also a LIGHT the following week! Who wants to have some fun?! Saturday, January 25th @ 2PM


Twelve Days of Xmas 1 HSPU 2 Muscle ups (rings, bar, or jumping) 3 Pistols (each leg) 4 Bar facing burpees 5 Thrusters 6 C2B pull ups 7 Box jumps, 24/20 8 Wall balls 9 T2B 10 Front rack lunges 11 Hang squat cleans 12 Power snatches *Barbell is loaded at the same weight for all movements, you choose your …


A)3x AMRAP 10 10 kbs 10 sit ups 10 lunges B)20 minute cap 400m run 21-15-9 -Power clean -HSPU -T2B 400m run C)20 minute cap Establish a 2RM touch-and-go clean & jerk


A) 3x -10 squats -10 push ups -10 deadlifts B)EMOTM x15 1 deadlift 1 hang squat clean thruster 1 push press 1 split jerk C)Rest 2 minutes D)Fight Gone Worse 3x Power snatch Sit up Ball slams Thruster Step up w/ slam ball


“Mark Weijdt” Today we will honor Sergeant Mark Weijdt. He was killed on his mission in Afganistan in 2008. The WOD: 5 rounds for time: – 19 chest to bar pull ups – 12 box jumps 30/24 inch – 8 squats clean 75/45kg

Limited schedule 12/16 & 12/17

Make sure to sign up on Frontdeskhq. 530a, 500p, & 600p are the only classes this Monday and Tuesday. CF101 is cancelled for these two days as well. Schedule returns to normal on Wednesday.


A) EMOTM x10 5 burpees 5 box jumps B) 5x 10 overhead squat 1 lap 10 kb swings 1 lap 10 t2b 1 lap


A) 3x 10 pass thrus 10 overhead squat 10 sots press B) EMOTM x12 Odd: 1 power snatch + 1 hang snatch + 2 overhead t Even: 5-10 c2b pull ups C) Fran 21-15-9 Thrusters, 95/65# Pull ups