Month: March 2014


A) Skill work Team pyramid double under practice B) AFAFP TEAM OF 2 1 mile sandbag run (200# bag) 20 partner deadlifts (495#/315#) 30 human c&j (whatever your partner weighs) 400m wheel barrow crawl 50 team pyramid double unders Finally it’s April


Mini-GORUCK WOD Bring an empty backpack or ruck sack, or something worse will be provided. Change of plans A) EMOM X20 Odd: pause snatch deadlifts Even: 5-10x strict hspu B) AMRAP 10 5 hspu 10 deadlifts 15 box jumps


Rest day/open gym If you plan on doing Open WOD 14.5, you must do so today or Saturday after the team wod around 1pm. We have other stuff planned for Monday, so no open wod Monday.


A) Press 20 minutes to establish 5RM bench press B) King Kong 3RFT 1 deadlift, 455/275 2 muscle ups 3 cleans, 250/155 4 hspu, strict *no scaling, this is a benchmark wod of skill and strength… You can do the following instead: B2) Kiddy Kong 3RFT 5 deadlifts, 70%1RM 4 Turkish get ups 3 hspu…


A) Barbell complex 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Deadlift Hang power clean Front squat Shoulder to overhead *30 min, rest as you see fit, add weight every round B) Paige 22 double unders Then… 3RFT 26 ball slams 26 goblet squats 26 push ups onto slam ball Then… 22 double unders Happy 22nd bday Paige!

When to drop a barbell?

I’ve noticed some damage to some of the newer 25# and 10# plates recently. Some of the barbell sleeves are beginning to spin slower, too. One of the rules on the board is to respect the equipment and drop as a last resort. Bumper plates are for your safety, not because you’re lazy! IF YOU…


A) Barbell complex 6 reverse lunges 6 good mornings 6 back squats *rest no more than 2 minutes between sets B) AMRAP 5 1-2-3-4-etc L-sit pull ups Kb swings -rest 5 minutes- C) AMRAP 5 1-2-3-4-etc Front squats Wall balls


A) Press Strict snatch-grip behind the neck press + snatch-grip front rack press, heavy B) EMOM 12 3-6x halting power snatches @ 65% 1RM C) AMRAP 7 10 double unders 5 power snatches (65% 1RM) 20 double unders 5 power snatches 30 double unders 5 power snatches 40,5…50,5…60,5…etc