-rest day/open gym- For those of you that don’t have an open gym membership and can’t make it in the morning, we added “crossfit” classes during the afternoon for you to sign up for. Still open gym for all classes on Friday.


A) Front squat 4 x 4 @ 90% 1RM B) AMRAP 15 100 double unders 75 wall balls, 30/20 50 pull ups 25 thrusters, 135/95 10 deadlifts, 275/205 5 muscle ups


A) Barbell complex 3 snatch grip push press + 2 overhead squats B) 30-20-10 Ball slams Double unders Hollow rocks


A) Front squat 6 x 2 @80% 1RM B) Barbell complex 3 hang clean 2 front squat 1 jerk Go heavy!


Midnight Murph 1 mile run 100 pull ups 200 push ups 300 squats 1 mile run Thanks to everyone that came out bright and early Monday for the Murph Challenge. Closed for the rest of the day, enjoy the rest of your Memorial Day and we’ll be back to normal schedule Tuesday!


-open gym/rest day- Remember we’re only open Friday morning before closing for memorial day weekend. We’ll open up again for one wod on Monday morning at 12:00am for Midnight Murph. Back to regular schedule Tuesday. Be safe this weekend! Buckle up and go the speed limit if you’re traveling anywhere, gonna be lots of bad drivers out there!

What are you doing May 31st and June 1st?

The Battle Frog obstacle series is coming to Conyers, GA and we want to get a team together to go. Battle Frog – Atlanta We have a 25% off code: SEAL25 50% off code: SEAL50 Two questions: 1) Saturday or Sunday? 2) 15K or 5K race? Answer below so we can get organized!


A) Front squat 5 x 5 @ 85% 1RM B) “Annie” v2.0 100-(25)-80-(20)-60-(15)-40-(10)-20-(5) Double unders (GHD sit ups)


A) EMOM 15 Snatch high pull Muscle snatch Klokov press Overhead squat down Sots press Overhead squat up B) 5 rounds 30 second handstand hold Amrap unbroken hspu 30 second static pull up hold Amrap unbroken pull ups 30 second ring support hold Amrap unbroken ring dips


A) Front squat 6 x 2 @80% 1RM B) Bear Complex 7 rounds Power clean Front squat Push press Back squat Push press *barbell cannot rest on the ground until you complete all 7 rounds of the complex *done 5 times, increasing the weight each time *unlike the video below, I want to see a deliberate pause between each movement …