Sunday, August 31st update

Tomorrow is Labor Day and we will be open for only one class at 0900. We will be doing a hero workout, and scaling options will be provided. Come work out and then go grill and hang out with your family and friends! Week 1 is finished and in the books. We did some squats, got sore, and Georgia won …

Facebook Group

We have a Facebook group set up for members to share and discuss wods/articles/competitions/etc. We wish to populate the group with our current members only. You can request access through the link, but I’d recommend if you have a Facebook account to add the owners and coaches as friends so we can facilitate intra-gym networking.


There will be one class and one class only on Monday – 0900 Hero WOD Saturday 10AM OLY Pause clean + pause jerk Snatch 11AM TEAM -to be determined- Don’t forget you can help nominate a workout for the team wod


-open gym/rest day- Bonus wod “Madi” 100 double unders 90 supermans 80 squats 70 sit ups 60 lunges 50 push ups 40 box jumps 30 wall balls 20 burpees 10 pull ups


A) EMOM 12 Odd: 2x btn snatch grip push press + 2x snatch balance Even: rest B) Press progression drop set 60% of strict press C) 3x 400m run 15 clean & jerk 10 t2b 25 chase the rabbits


A) EMOM 10 2x hang power snatch B) Snatch pulls 4×5 @ 80-90% Snatch C) 5x 15 pull ups 10 shoulder to overhead, 135/85


A) EMOM 10 Odd: 6x muscle snatch Even: 6x strict c2b pull up B) EMOM 10 Odd: 1x power clean & jerk + 1x cluster Even: 6-10x pendlay rows C) AMRAP 10…. Unbroken hang power cleans, 185/135 Lateral bar burpees


Today starts week 1 of a planned 10 week cycle. We’ll be doing back squats for all ten weeks. There will be a deadlift cycle starting on week 3 and a bench cycle starting on week 5. The back squat days will look similar to what’s below: warm up with weighted jumps, heavy squats, fast squats, then pause squats. The …

Sunday, August 24th update

Yay, testing week has come to an end! Hopefully everyone was able to test their lifts and establish some maxes for use in the coming weeks. If you missed a day, please get with a gym manager to arrange a time for you to come in and do them (if we think it’s necessary). Changes to our day-to-day operations Some …


Test Everyday Max Clean Bench press Deadlift Final day of testing, make sure you’ve hit every lift or have an idea what your max lift might be (and it’s best to take a conservative guess) because we’ll start with percentages a lot more starting next week. I’ll post more information on the Sunday update!