A) Building to a heavy set 1 strict press 3 push press 5 split jerk, alternating B) EMOM 15 1 deadlift 1 hang clean + thruster 1 jerk Sweatshop A) Tabata row B) Every 5 minutes for 25 minutes -300 m row -10 DB snatch -30 Russian twists -10 star jump


A) Back squat Up to 95% B) Speed squat 5×3 C) Pause squat 3×4 D) 5x 12 weighted sit ups 21 double unders Sweatshop EMOM 10 Odd: 20 air squats Even: 25 double unders/50 singles 4x 200m run 21 burpees 200m run 21 goblet squats


A) Gymnastics 15 minutes 1x weighted pull up, working to 1rm 1x l-sit hold -repeat- B) 5x 2 rope climbs, legless 20 bench press, bw

Sunday, September 28th update

Short and sweet this week. I’d like to thank everyone that came out to the Girls Night WOD this past Friday. Remember, every Friday at 630pm we’ll be doing a “surprise” Girl WOD. Scaled and Rx heats, free for the scaled comp but a $5 buy-in for the RX comp with winner takes all. We’ll change the handicaps/rules if needed, …


Oly class: 2rm pause front squat and snatch practice from blocks Free wod: deck o’ cards


-open gym/rest day- Girls Night WOD at 630pm – this week was “Jackie” – congratulations to max for winning the RX heat at 7:26


A) EMOM 16 Odd: power snatch + hang power snatch Even: 30sec pull ups B) AMRAP 8 1-2-3-4-etc….. Handstand push ups Deadlifts (weight is final # from A) rest 2 minutes AMRAP 2 Max double unders


A) For quality Dragon flags, 4×6 Around the worlds, 4×6 L-sit c2b pull ups, 4×6 Ring dips, 4×8 Glute ham raises, x30 B) Death by 10 meters -15 minute cap


A) Barbell complex Power clean + push press + push jerk + split jerk B) 30-20-10 Squat cleans *400m run between each set of cleans It’s over 500!

Announcement: CFS presents Girls Night!

We’ll be testing out our in-house competitions Girls Night starting this Friday evening. No, it’s not limited to women only; each week we’ll be doing a different Girl WOD benchmark (Fran, Diana, Karen, etc). There will be scaled and rx heats. Doors open at 6:15pm and you’ll put your name down under which division you’ll be competing in. The scaled …