Month: June 2015


The homework I write on the whiteboard at the gym is completely optional but recommended. You can do all, some, or none. Remember, you can mix and match your strength portion, wod, and homework based on your skill/strength or how you’re feeling that day. Make it so you get the greatest challenge each time! Just…

Free Barbell Club this Saturday

We’ll be offering our Barbell Club for free this Saturday to all members. We require that you’ve been a member for over a month to participate. Class starts at 10am sharp! If you’re late there will be a 10 burpee penalty for each minute. Programming will cover snatch technique, followed by a snatch complex.


Fitness A) Deadlift Week 2 B) 3x 10 ball slams, 40/30 20 wall balls, 14/8 30 kb swings, 35/18 Performance A) Snatch Week 2 B) Clean Week 2 C) 3x 10 hang power snatch, 95/65 20 wall ball, 20/14 30 kb swings, 45/26 RTR A) Oly Jerk B) Snatch Week 2 C) Clean Week 2…


Fitness A) Front squat Week 2 B) Back squat Week 2 C) AMRAP 8 30 single unders 15 ring rows 30 single unders 15 v-ups Performance A) Front squat Week 2 B) Back squat Week 2 C) AMRAP 8 30 double unders 15 pull ups 30 double unders 15 k2e RTR A) Oly Hang snatch…


Barbell Club A) Technique primer Clean complex, barbell only B) Frog complex 1RM C) Hang clean 20RM (power or squat) CrossFit A) AMRAP 20 25 air squats 20 push ups 15 box jump overs 10 burpees 5 pull ups B) Gymnasty Handstand practice RTR AMRAP 20 15 thrusters 10 box jump overs 5 muscle ups


Fitness A) Weighted step ups 4×10 B) Seated good mornings 4×10 C) AMRAP 10 6 deadlift 12 ring rows 24 single unders Performance A) Overhead squat 5×5 B) Snatch balance 5×5 C) AMRAP 10 6 power cleans 12 pull ups 24 double unders RTR A) Gymnasty Pistols and shoot thrus B) Overhead squat 5×5 C)…


All Levels All Classes Skill work / goat work / rest day *classes on Thursday are set for 30 minutes. Register and show up whenever works best for you. There will be a constantly running clock so you can start at any time. Choose your own adventure on Thursdays at CFS!


Addendum to the Sunday update -homework is not Coach directed. We are here to help and answer questions, but our main task after class is to get the next one ready. -water bottles and trash: clean up after yo damn self! Recycle the water bottles please, there’s a big recycling bin right outside. If you…