Team WOD 750m row 60 HSPU 60 T2B 750m row Pick athlete order before you begin. Each person rows 750m continuously. Once each athlete has done their 750m piece the team can move on. The next station is HSPU. These are attempted in the order you set before the workout. Everyone must attempt. Even if you can’t do a hspu, …

CFS Newsletter, October 25th

Swole Patrol – Week 5 Deloading Begins We’re 5 weeks into this new cycle, and we’ve done a whole lotta work. Now, we’re going to take it easy for a few days before we start the second half of the cycle. So the first half saw us do 10×5 at weight A, 10×4 at weight B, and 10×3 at weight …

Week of October 19th-24th

Here’s the training for you to expect this week…changes may occur! Swole Patrol – Week 4

CFS Newsletter, 10/13/15

Hey everybody! The wait is over! Everyone is like, where’s the newsletter? Well, here it is! Pretty short one, just a bunch of reminders. #TeamAmanda We had a great turn out this past weekend for our TeamAmanda fundraiser with 18 teams having competed plus quite a few spectators. On the RX side, team So Stank (Natalie & Courtney) edged out …

Week of October 12th-17th

Hey guys, here’s the workouts for the week. I’ll get a newsletter posted tomorrow! I need to go to sleep… Swole Patrol – Week 3 See you at the gym!

#TeamAmanda: Accomplished

Today went off without a hitch. Congratulations to the winning teams So Stank (Rx) and Mista Steal Yo Girl (Scaled). Thank you to everyone that competed, as well as those that helped volunteer with judging and transitions. We’ll get some pictures up next week… GO DAWGS! Don’t forget the cookout tomorrow at noon!

*Updated* Heats for #TeamAmanda

We got a few teams joining us last minute, as well as some changing between rx and scaled. So here’s the final(?) heats for Saturday Event 1 Heat 1 11:00 Same Parents Mista Steal Yo Girl Shanta & Nagesh Flex Appeal Los Burros Rapidos Clean BEFORE You Jerk Event 1 Heat 2 11:15 I Don’t Wanna Taco Bout It Blue …

CFS Newsletter, October 4th

Week 1 of the new cycle is in the books! I know it was a hellacious week, but give it some time and I know our bodies will adapt. Just a few things that need to be reiterated: *programmed rests between sets and supersets (60 seconds and 90 seconds) are part of the programming and need to be followed for …


Park around back. The county said they will start ticketing those that keep parking in the street. They say it’s about $150. Consider the 200m walk (if that) part of your warm up…run!!!