On September 3rd we will host a mock lifting meet for CFS members only. To see how a weightlifting meet runs, check out this blog post for details. Instead of competing by weight classes, we will have a sort of rx/scaled group for both men and women. If you’re strong, sign up for RX.  If you’re not the most comfortable with the …

That’s right, we offer a free class every Saturday morning to anyone that’s interested. The only thing we ask in return is for you to reserve your spot!  To do so, please head to our scheduling website to create an account, sign our digital waiver, and enroll in the Free Community WOD on Saturdays. If you don’t take care of this ahead …

Free Trial

At CrossFit South, we believe in giving back to the community. That’s why we offer a free class every Saturday! There are no catches or hidden fees, it’s 100% free! All fitness levels are welcome to join. If there’s something that you can’t do, it’s our job to find something that you can do. Most Saturday classes are partner or …


A) Front squat  Week 3 Day 2  B) Push press  Week 3 Day 2  C) Rowing 500m row 10 ghdsu 400m row 10 ghdsu 300m row 10 ghdsu 200m row 10 ghdsu


Gymnasty/open gym

Here at CrossFit South, we believe education is important. That’s why we offer discounts on our Sweatshop and CrossFit memberships to students! Our current prices can be found HERE. Proof of enrollment is required. These are the only discounts we offer.


A) Deadlift  Week 7 B) AFAFP 100 double unders  Then…  3x 7 power snatch 14 c2b 21 wall balls Then… 100 double unders


A) Front squat Week 3 Day 1 B) Push press Week 3 Day 1 C) AMRAP 7 7 power cleans 7 thrusters 7 bar facing burpees


A) Front squat  Week 2 Day 2  B) Push press  Week 2 Day 2  C) 21-15-9 Box jumps Power snatch C2B pull ups