50 Signs You’re Obsessed with CrossFit

How do you know your friends do CrossFit? Because it’s all they ever fucking talk about!

So have you drank the kool-aid yet? Here are some that I think ring true to me:


2. You use the royal ‘we’ when talking about CrossFit. ‘We don’t use machines; we are the machines.

6. You don’t laugh at snatch jokes anymore.

10. A missed lift keeps you up at night. You can’t stop thinking about it like you need to get back to the gym and try again right now. You know you got this.

25. Bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon

48. “RWARRRR!!” is actually a word in your vocabulary.


Check out CrossFit Obsessed for the rest of the list. What are some of your favorites? Post them below in the comments!