About Us

[box_header type=”h2″ bottom_border=”0″]From the moment you walk through the door you know CrossFit South is a unique place[/box_header]

When we created CFS, we knew we wanted to be more than just a simple gym. Having worked in traditional gyms in the past, we knew we needed to create a concept that would provide our members with the most effective tools for success. This meant we needed to offer a wide range of classes for people of all fitness levels.

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[featured_item icon=”people” number=”1265″ title_link=”1″ title_border=”0″ icon_link=”1″ clickable_box=”0″ hover_background=”1″ class=”active”]Lives improved[/featured_item][featured_item icon=”clock” number=”15322″ title_link=”1″ title_border=”0″ icon_link=”1″ clickable_box=”0″ hover_background=”1″ class=”margin-top-10″]Coaching hours[/featured_item]
[featured_item icon=”dumbbell-2″ number=”5925″ title_link=”1″ title_border=”0″ icon_link=”1″ clickable_box=”1″ hover_background=”1″]Dropped barbells[/featured_item][featured_item icon=”gym-2″ number=”4395″ title_link=”1″ title_border=”0″ icon_link=”1″ clickable_box=”0″ hover_background=”1″ class=”margin-top-10″]Miles traveled[/featured_item]
[featured_item title=”No long-term contract” title_link=”1″ title_border=”1″ icon_link=”1″ clickable_box=”0″ hover_background=”1″]Our popular month to month plans are offered as pay as you work-out with no long term contract[/featured_item]
[featured_item title=”Best programming” title_link=”1″ title_border=”1″ icon_link=”1″ clickable_box=”0″ hover_background=”1″]We offer personal training and group programming that we constantly tweak to give our members the best workouts.[/featured_item]
[featured_item title=”Every detail matters” title_link=”1″ title_border=”1″ icon_link=”1″ clickable_box=”0″ hover_background=”1″]We want you to feel supported – by dedicated team members who really care about you[/featured_item]
[box_header type=”h5″ bottom_border=”1″ animation=”0″]Our Mission[/box_header][box_header type=”h2″ bottom_border=”0″ class=”margin-top-30″]We started with a simple vision: to create the premier fitness community[/box_header]

We started with big dreams in small spaces. CrossFit South started modestly in our garage. Before we found CrossFit in 2010 we were personal trainers in globogyms for many years and worked with hundreds of clients. CrossFit was still very new and very radical, so we had to find our own way to bring it to the community. Whether we’re in our tiny garage or a giant warehouse, we want to share our passion for fitness and create a community based on the pursuit of fitness. Our mission is to keep people active. We are committed to providing excellent customer service, open communication and never losing focus on helping individuals achieve balance and success inside and outside of the gym. With over 30 years of combined experience in coaching we can help you achieve a new level of fitness.

[timeline_carousel timeline_count=”4″ label0=”DEC, 2010″ label_style0=”white” title0=”Garage gym established” content0=”We began our fitness career as personal trainers until we discovered CrossFit in 2010. Eventually we turned our garage into a gym for clients.” label1=”FEB, 2012″ title1=”Our first location” content1=”We opened our first location as CrossFit South in Athens. It was a lot of work but an amazing experience!” label2=”AUG, 2015″ title2=”Bigger and better” content2=”We moved into a bigger facility to accommodate more classes as well as sports specific training with the UGA crew team.” label3=”NOV, 2020″ title3=”New beginnings” content3=”We moved into our current location where we believe we will offer a better experience to our athletes.” autoplay=”0″ scroll=”1″ easing=”easeInOutExpo” duration=”500″ animations0=”1″ animation_delay0=”0″ animations1=”1″ animation_delay1=”300″ animations2=”1″ animation_delay2=”600″ animations3=”1″ animation_delay3=”0″ animations4=”1″ animation_delay4=”0″ animations5=”1″ animation_delay5=”0″ animations6=”1″ animation_delay6=”0″ animations7=”1″ animation_delay7=”0″ animations8=”1″ animation_delay8=”0″ animations9=”1″ animation_delay9=”0″ animations10=”1″ animation_delay10=”0″ animations11=”1″ animation_delay11=”0″ animations12=”1″ animation_delay12=”0″ animations13=”1″ animation_delay13=”0″ animations14=”1″ animation_delay14=”0″ animations15=”1″ animation_delay15=”0″ animations16=”1″ animation_delay16=”0″ animations17=”1″ animation_delay17=”0″ animations18=”1″ animation_delay18=”0″ animations19=”1″ animation_delay19=”0″ animations20=”1″ animation_delay20=”0″ animations21=”1″ animation_delay21=”0″ animations22=”1″ animation_delay22=”0″ animations23=”1″ animation_delay23=”0″ animations24=”1″ animation_delay24=”0″ animations25=”1″ animation_delay25=”0″ animations26=”1″ animation_delay26=”0″ animations27=”1″ animation_delay27=”0″ animations28=”1″ animation_delay28=”0″ animations29=”1″ animation_delay29=”0″]