Announcement: Beauty and the Beast Mode

This is a copy/paste of the email I sent out to teams earlier:

Hey guys, I hope everyone is ready for this weekend! I’ve updated our website with new information including movement standards, heat times, and a shirt proof. I’ve had to change a few teams around that didn’t pay attention to the division they signed up for, so please let me know if I need to make any more changes. Heats will be locked in tonight.

Doors will open at 8am and the first heat is at 9am. You will need to check in with your teammate before the first heat. Out of towners will also need to fill out a waiver when you arrive at the gym. At check in you’ll get your goodie bag with shirt and swag, as well as your scorecards and lane/heat assignments.

We will have limited seating inside the gym (couch, a few chairs, benches), so you’re more than welcome to bring something to sit on. The only thing you’ll need to bring to compete is a jump rope. We might have a few extra, but don’t count on it.

There will be a designated athlete warm up area. Bars, bumpers, boxes, tires, etc. Whatever is on the floor of the warm up area is what you can play with. Please do not grab anything from the event floor, and please do not use anything that is taped off.

We will have bottled water, bananas, and other snacks for competitors in case you get hungry. The event will last about 4 or so hours, so be prepared. I have heat times listed at the website above, and if everything runs smoothly, we will probably run ahead of schedule. It’s roughly an event every hour.

Please make sure you watch the standards video that I’ve uploaded to the website as well as our Facebook account. None of these movements are crazy or novel, we should all have done these things before. Please be aware of the standards so you can uphold them on Saturday. Before each event we will have a very short briefing.

If you have friends or family that won’t be able to make it, we will attempt to live stream most of the event on our Facebook page ( for everyone to check out.

Parking: please park behind our building. The parking at the entrance is limited to CFS staff, as well as for our neighboring business. We cannot have anyone park up front, especially so we can guarantee a clear path during the running workout. If the parking lot behind our building gets full, you can then try parking across the street. Do not park in anyone’s lawn.

Let us know if you have any questions!