Few announcements

Starting next week we’ll be starting a squat program that will last for about 2 months. We’ll be squatting on Mondays and Wednesdays (or Tuesday/Thursday, haven’t decided yet). YOU MUST ESTABLISH A 1RM ON YOUR FRONT SQUAT THIS WEEK DURING OPEN GYM. If you don’t have a max front squat to go off of, then you won’t achieve your max potential when we redo our 1RM. So again, make sure to max out on front squat during an open gym session THIS WEEK. Once we start the program, you might end up missing a squat session. COME IN DURING AN OPEN GYM SESSION TO MAKE UP THE SQUAT DAY YOU MISSED! I don’t know how to further stress this, but you need to follow the programming if you want to get results. I’ll post more details at the end of the week.

The next round of CF101 classes begins next week. Newbies, hurry up and sign up so you don’t have to wait for it to start again in 3 weeks!