Name: Caroline
Hometown: Wheaton, IL
Age: 24
Occupation: Grad student

When did you first start CrossFitting?
February 2013

When did you start training at CrossFit South?
February 2013

Favorite WOD or movements?
Kettlebell everything

Least favorite WOD or movements?

What sports/health background do you have if any?
I played soccer, basketball, and volleyball when I was younger, badminton when I was in high school, and then ultimate frisbee in college.

How did you first get exposed to CrossFit?
One of my college friends got into it. He quit smoking so he could perform his WODs better, so I knew it must be pretty awesome

Do you remember your first time doing CrossFit, how did it go?
Yes, it was not intimidating at all! Keras scaled the MOD and WOD down and was super friendly!

What changes have you seen since starting at CrossFit South?
Noticeably stronger arms after just a few weeks!

Any advice for new people starting or contemplating CrossFit?
Show up and try it! No need to be nervous

Hobbies/interest outside of a WOD?
Ultimate frisbee, crochet, science, running

Favorite cheat meal?
Mac & cheese with veggies and sriracha

What do you want to accomplish by this time next month? In 3 months? Before the end of the year?
Build up shoulder strength so I can increase my clean & jerk and snatch weights
Touch my toes to the bar
Do 5 pull ups with no rubber bands

What type of music do you like to WOD to?