Category: WODs

Barbells For Boobs

On Saturday, November 3rd, we will be hosting a fundraiser for Barbells For Boobs. We will be doing 3 partner/team workouts at the gym beginning around 9am. It’s open to everyone, as long as you make a donation to the cause! Any amount helps, $5 or $150.  

Holiday Schedule

For the weeks of Thanksgiving and Christmas, we will be running a limited schedule of two morning classes and two afternoon classes. We will be closed on the actual holidays. Make sure to check the schedule for the most up to date list of class times.

Out of Town until August 7th

I will be out of town until next Monday, 8/7. Additionally, some of our part-time coaches will be gone this week. Make sure to check the schedule, as class times may change. The phone number will be unattended, so please read the website as all questions and details on our gym and its policies are…