CFS Newsletter, 09/13/15


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Testing Week
This week, starting on Monday, we get to find out what some of our one rep max lifts are. On non-lifting days, we will test a few WODs that we’ll retest again in a few months. After these tests, we will have a deload week followed by 8 weeks focusing primarily on major strength movements.

After our recent programming of 7/5/3/1, you all should now have a fairly good idea of you can most likely hit for 1RM without the limited time cap we had during class times.

Testing week creates personal records that are encouraging and exciting and allows us to plan for strength developments and other goals in the next cycle of the programming. Because this is a very intense form of lifting and you’re literally lifting the most you can lift in one attempt, it is important that you listen to your coaches (as most of you all do anyway) and take precautions to ensure you get the most out of this as well as staying injury free.

1. NEVER sacrifice form to get PR. If you’re sacrificing form, WE WILL call you on it and it will not count. You have all worked really hard on your form over the past few months, and have always made it your priority, don’t lose it now. Everyone will perform every movement the same, full range of motion only. I’ve seen everyone squat below parallel, so don’t tell me you’re all the way down! I don’t care how much weight you can curtsy, I want us to find out how much weight you can squat! (unless limited by an injury)

2. One Rep Max is different than the higher volume sets we’ve been doing recently, both physically as well as mentally. A 1RM is only about a 3 second effort. So that you can provide focus and energy toward the movement, think of something that gets you switched on, be sure that as you approach the bar you are in the correct frame of mind. Slowly work up in weight, you have the entire class time on these max out days to complete TWO lifts! Start with sets of 5, add weight, do another 5, add weight, do 3, more weight, etc…etc. Don’t be stupid.

3. Be sure to breathe! Take a deep massive breath before you lift and hold it before you lift. All these movements we do in CrossFit start at the core and go to the extremity. Part of that means you need to brace your core! If you’re soft in the center, you won’t be able to lift as much and you’ll end up sacrificing form. Remember to keep your core tight and your body in the proper powerful position during the lift.

4. There will be a STRICT THREE MISS RULE! A miss will be counted as a failure or bad form or incomplete range of motion. If you miss a lift of the same weight 3 times, you’ll have to accept your previous successful lift, and it’s time to move on to the next lift or call it a day.

5. If you are hesitant or have questions about anything, please ask your trainer.

On some testing days, there will be NO metcon (WOD) or conditioning component. You will have a full hour to warm up and work on your lifts. If you think you won’t be getting a good workout, you’re wrong. You will understand and reap the benefits afterward. Your Central Nervous System (CNS) fatigue is extremely high for 1RM efforts. If you think about it, you’re attempting to lift something so heavy that you might only be able to do once. It is important that you eat well before after your lifts and allow for proper recovery, so you can do it again a few days later.

Please do your best to show up for each of the 1 RM lifting days (MWF this week, and MT next week for missed days or redo’s) and make sure that you record your weights! Write it down in a notebook, your smartphone, comment down below on the website, enter it in BeyondTheWhiteboard, etc. Knowing these numbers is a great tool for our everyday training. These numbers will also directly translate into the next phase of our programming.
The upcoming WODs will serve as baseline tests to gauge improvement which will be re-tested in November. Please make sure you record your time, weight used, if you scaled, how you scaled, etc. You will repeat it exactly the same.

For those of you that signed up to beta test BeyondTheWhiteboard, I’ll be doing my best to get it ready starting this week! Make sure you record your results damn it!

What Are We Testing?
Absolute Strength: This can be defined as the maximum amount you can lift for 1 rep.
Explosive power: This can be defined as your ability to produce maximal force.
Alactic Power/Endurance: This is your ability to maintain explosive power for extended durations.
Lactic Power: This is the ability of your lactic system to produce power.
Lactic Endurance: This is your ability of your lactic system to produce power over extended periods. .
Power Endurance: This is your ability to produce high levels of power (force, work etc) at a high rate over an extended period of time.

When Are We Testing?
Monday: Front squat and bench press
Tuesday: Baseline workout(s)
Wednesday: Deadlift and strict press (fitness), Snatch and Clean (performance)
Thursday: Baseline workout(s)
Friday: Back squat and push press
Saturday/Sunday: rest?
Monday: Make up or retry a barbell movement + baseline workout
Tuesday: Make up or retry a barbell movement + baseline workout
Wednesday thru Friday: Beginning of barbells, no 100% balls-to-wall on wods

Schedule Change
The schedule has been updated for the week. Make sure to sign up well in advance! Thursdays will no longer be open gym days for the foreseeable future. There will be programming. After this upcoming cycle, Thursdays might turn into a strictly “make-up wednesday, or do friday if you’re not going to be here” day. It will not be open gym. It will be coach-directed. From now on, if it says CrossFit it is CrossFit, if it says Sweatshop then it’s Sweatshop, Open Gym is Open Gym. Apparently checking the website daily was too hard for people. I post well in advance that day X will be open gym yet every week people show up expecting a class. Welp, no more open gym days!

Next Cycle
The next cycle of programming I’ve got for y’all is almost done. We’ll start it in about 2 weeks and it’ll last about 2 months. The focus for this cycle is on the classic lifts (squat, press, pull), with emphasis on strength! There will still be some (read: not that much) olympic lifting technique portions, but nothing heavy. If you wish to supplement your training with more olympic lifting, then upgrade your membership to GOLD to get access to BarbellWOD and Open Gym and so much more!

With this next cycle, there will be six small mesocycles that make up this cycle, and each one will last about 10 days. That means there will no longer be “Monday squat day” and the like. Two days of heavy lifting, one lighter crossfit day, then some more heavy lifting, then a lighter day, etc…I’ll post more details soon! We’re testing the lifts and some workouts over the next 10 days and we’ll retest them all at the end of the next cycle, so make sure you come in this week!!!!

Our fundraiser competition for #TeamAmanda is less than a month away. You can go to her GoFundMe page HERE to find out more about her situation. The competition will be 2-person teams and there will be a total of 3 workouts. You can choose to sign up as Scaled or RX. I’ve set up an online registration at WodRocket to test it out before we do Barbell For Boobs in November. Hopefully things will run smoothly. The cost for the #TeamAmanda competition is $50 and registration closes at the end of the month. Price includes t-shirts. Proceeds will be donated to her GoFundMe page. I will make a new post will details on the wods soon. #TeamAmanda will be on 10/10 at 10am.