CFS Newsletter, 10/13/15

Hey everybody! The wait is over! Everyone is like, where’s the newsletter? Well, here it is! Pretty short one, just a bunch of reminders.

We had a great turn out this past weekend for our TeamAmanda fundraiser with 18 teams having competed plus quite a few spectators. On the RX side, team So Stank (Natalie & Courtney) edged out the Savages by just two points to claim victory. For the scaled division, team Mista Steal Yo Girl (MattCrew & LT) kicked some ass to take home first place. I’ll get your hoodies soon! Just waiting for WodRocket to process everything and then we’ll be making our donation. For those of you that wish to donate directly, check out their GoFundMe page.

Hoodies & T-shirts
There’s about two weeks left for anyone that is interested in getting a hoodie. Money is due October 30th, please fill out the form at the gym and specify if you are paying in cash or wish for us to charge your account. HERE are the color options. This will be the only order we do! Act now!

We have one more celebration/challenge/competition this month: ZombieFit! It’s just a fun little Halloween-themed day at CFS. This will be our only offering on Friday, October 30th, and we will be closed on Saturday and Sunday. There will be 3 workouts that afternoon: a team workout at 5:00pm, a partner workout at 5:45pm, and an individual workout at 6:30pm. All these workouts will be Sweatshop-friendly for all our Sweatshoppers!

Come for one, two, or all three workouts. Try to team up with people that you normally don’t workout with! Afterwords, we’re planning on fun and games, and eating and drinking (BYOB ad maybe bring something to the potluck yeah?). Oh and one more thing, and make sure you show up in costume or else there’s a burpee buy-in at the beginning of each wod. Don’t be a party pooper and dress up! I’ve got my costume picked out, do you?

This Week @ CFS
I already posted the programming yesterday, but here it is again. Here’s a direct link to the google doc for those of you that have crappy phones (read: iphones) and can’t see it embedded in the post. How’s everyone feeling going into this third week of programming? Not as bad as the first week eh?