CFS Newsletter, 11/01/15

This Week @ CFS

Swole Patrol – Week 6

We’re about to start our second half of this cycle with another run through of 10×5, 10×4, and 10×3. Make sure you remember what your 10×4 weight was last month, because you’ll be starting this cycle with that weight…this time it’ll be your 10×5 weight! The cycle starts on Thursday, and until then we’ll be doing some team workouts and practicing some gymnastics!

Next week, we will try an hour of class again on Sundays @ 3pm. This will be for making up a day you missed. This is not an extra day of something specific to Sunday. If you were here every day during the week, there will be nothing for you to do on Sunday. Sunday is not for playing around and doing the snatches you missed on Monday, and maybe the wod you missed on Thursday. You will make up one day in its entirety, no picking and choosing what you want to do.

We had a great turn out for our Halloween-inspired ZombieFIT! There’s still candy and beer left! I got pictures of most everyone that came, sorry if I missed you!



And the winner of the costume contest?!?!!


Forrest Gump! A.k.a Nathan Jenkins! Congratulations buddy, enjoy your prize!

See you at the gym!