CFS Newsletter, August 10th


Hey gang! Our first week at the new place is in the books and everything seems to be going great! I can’t wait to see what this semester has in store for CFS!

At CrossFit South, we have a handful of different membership options that we offer so everyone can get what they want and don’t have to pay for things that they don’t want. Just want to do sweatshop? Then you only have to pay for a sweatshop membership. Want to attend specialty classes or open gym? There’s an option for that, too! Want to be serious about your fitness and commit to a year at CFS? Hell yeah, that’s awesome, here’s a discount! Want to do a competition or join us for Friday Night Lights? Ok, there’s a price for that. Everything here is optional, we don’t make you pay for anything you don’t want. These different memberships are here to save you money. The other option for us would be to charge everyone a flat rate of like $150/month and that would be the only plan. No more divvying up our services, no more discounts for staying with us, et cetera, etc, so on and so forth. I’m sure sweatshoppers wouldn’t want to pay that if they’re never going to come to crossfit or open gym. We try to be fair and find a solution that works for everyone. Same thing with the new showers. The plumber cost a pretty penny to get it rush installed before we moved in, and sure we could recoup our money by raising every membership by a couple bucks a month, but that’s not fair. It was our choice to get it installed as a premium service. Not everyone cares to use the shower. That’s why it’s a small additional price if you want it. Hell, I haven’t even used it yet. Most everyone hasn’t. But it’s there if you decide you want it. Barbell club is there if you decide you want it. Tshirts are there if you want to buy one (please buy one! i’m trying to clear out our old stock before I order anything else…make me a deal!). You get to chose what you want.

Please clean up after yourselves. Every day I still have to go back and take care of other people’s messes. We’re all adults here. If you got something out, put it back when you’re done with it. If you turn on the bathroom light, turn it off when you’re done. If you got a water out of the fridge, put a warm one in it’s place. If you sweated on something, wipe it up. If you broke my fucking tablet, then fucking own up to it.

I miss you Rodney Dangerfield! Too young to know who that is? Google it! Please respect the gym, its equipment, its athletes, and its coaches. I guess I need to put up another HOUSE RULES board like I used to have at the old gym. I shouldn’t, yet here I am ranting. Here’s a few house rules:

  • Be here because you want to be here – don’t come to CFS with a rotten attitude, it affects everyone. We want people that want to be here.
  • Check your ego at the door – there’s always going to be someone bigger, stronger, and faster than you. Scale down if you need to. Scale down if I tell you to.
  • Pay attention – time is limited, and I’d rather not have to make all of y’all do burpees if I constantly have to repeat things. I talk for a reason. If I’m talking to you or the class, please be quiet and listen
  • Clean up your DNA – I don’t know where you’ve been, so wipe up your equipment after you use it
  • Respect the equipment – Dropping a loaded barbell is for you safety, not because you’re lazy. You are not cool. You do not get to drop the mic. NEVER DROP AN EMPTY BARBELL. That includes taking weight off the bar and letting the collar drop and hit the floor. Broken equipment just means less stuff for you to use.
  • Say hello – introduce yourself to anyone you don’t know, it might be their first day and they might be nervous. Come out to our social events. Join us in discussion on facebook. Get to know us!
  • Don’t cheat – nobody cares how much weight you can lift. no one cares if you finish first. that’s all trivial. But we do care if you cheat. We’re all here to get better and fitter, so be honest with yourself. Use full range of motion, make sure you hit points of performance, don’t count a missed rep. If you lose count the next number is always 1.
  • Shirt’s are optional – again, we’re all here to get better. no one cares what your body looks like, so if you’d be more comfortable shirtless then don’t let us stop you.

I’m sure I can think of some more, but this is all really common sense. Expect burpees and other penalties if you constantly fuck up. Expect to no longer be a member of CrossFit South if you disrespect me, my brother, or any of my coaches. I will NOT put up with that anymore. Inside these four walls I am your coach and you will treat me with respect and I will do the same to you. If I or anyone else offends you, I am deeply sorry and please let me know right away. We can all sometimes get carried away, but that’s not an excuse. If you constantly talk back to me, argue with me, talk over me while I’m trying to lead the class, then we have a problem. I don’t need your money. I do this because I enjoy this. If you make it so I don’t enjoy being here, then one of us has to leave. And it sure as shit won’t be me.

For those of you that are participating in the 9/11 GORUCK Challenge next month, I would strongly urge you to join us for a mini GORUCK workout later this week. Justin will post more details to the CFS secret group.

So now that we have a lot more space, I’m opening up Thursday classes to a complete open gym format. I will still have the 30 minute EMOM on the board. I will have other work outs that you can try as well. Other than that, you can do whatever. This is for all members. Sign up for a class time, come on in and the gym is yours (within reason). I would suggest practicing a skill, working on a weakness, or making up something that you missed. Do not get in anyone’s way and we’ll be fine. We will still have regular sweatshop classes on Thursday, and those will still take priority. So if I tell you to relinquish something for the class, then please do it promptly. Since I’m opening up all the Thursday classes to the open gym format, I have removed the Sunday Funday from the schedule. Gold members can still come during limited hours on Sunday for open gym.

I had started a refer-a-friend promotion a long time ago, but no one ever really followed through with it. Well, I’m bringing it back, so let’s see what happens! If you get a friend or family member to join CrossFit South, you’ll get a gift card! I’ll have a few different retailers to chose from (amazon, itunes, etc), and depending on what your friend signs up for will determine the size of the gift card!

In case you didn’t notice, we have some billboards up around town. Four of them to be exact. If you take a selfie with all four, post those pictures to your timeline as well as the CFS facebook page (not the secret group), then you’ll get a free shirt when I order the new design/colors. Limited to the first five successful submissions, and so far we’ve got one winner…only four more left!

We already have damn good prices for our damn good services. We normally don’t offer discounts based on demographics, but every semester we have a special membership for qualifying students: pay for the semester up front and you’ll save a few more bucks! Check out the frontdesk website for more details.