CFS Newsletter, September 20th

Testing Week continues!


We got a lot of maxes tested last week, and y’all hit a shit ton of PR’s! You guys are f’n awesome! We got most of them on video, and I will be compiling them later this week and post them all at once. I know some of you have asked me to send you your video, and I took care of a few of them, but the rest will have to wait for the “best of” video I’ll post later.

This Week’s Agenda
On Monday and Tuesday, you’ll get a chance to retest or make up some lifts you might have missed last week. Or maybe you just weren’t feeling it, and you know you can hit something heavier. You’ll have the first 30 minutes of the class to pick a movement (or maybe you’ll have time for two, I don’t know!) and establish a heavy single. If you PR, that’s f’n great, if not, that’s ok because we’re just setting a baseline for when we retest in 3 months. Again, make sure you have your coaches attention so we can witness it and videotape it. It’s really not that hard to say, “Hey coach, can you watch this?”. So that’s all you have, 30 minutes. The floor needs to be clear by the second half of class so we can do some more conditioning baselines.

You should have a max number recorded (or have an idea of what you can do) for each of the following: front squat, back squat, overhead squat, deadift, bench press, strict press, push press. Everyone will be doing the same strength cycle, and I’ll have more information about that below!!

After Monday and Tuesday, we won’t be touching a barbell again until next week. It’s time to deload and take it easy for a few days so we can start the next cycle fresh.

Yup, that’s right, I’m going to start making one post a week with all the programming that will show up. If you want to cherry-pick, now’s your chance! We’ll just have less respect for you.

Looking Ahead…
We’ll begin a new 12-week cycle next week that is strength-biased. One final push before we start preparing for the CF Open. With the next cycle there will really only be one level of programming for the class. From there, I’ll have supplemental work for stuff like olympic lifting and gymnastics. Sorry to disappoint anyone, but there won’t be much oly lifting in the CrossFit classes. But that’s why we have BarbellWOD!

For the next cycle, I’ll have y’all follow programming based on Advanced German Volume Training. You can find more info about GVT HERE. Basically, it should result in muscle hypertrophy and strength gains. Time to get swole for the winter! We’ll be doing 10 sets of 5 for each of the big lifts starting with about 65-75% of your 1RM. Each mesocycle will last 10 days and weights will increase and reps will decrease over time. So cycle 1 will be 10×5 @75%, cycle 2 will be 10×4 @80%, and cycle 3 will be 10×3 @85%. Then there will be a short deload followed by 10×5 @80%, then 10×4 @85%, and finishes with 10×3 @90%. This is intense and has a lot of volume. Newbies will start with lower percentages. No exceptions.

On some days we will pair the main lift with an antagonist movement (ex:bench press and pull ups, a push and a pull) and we will alternate exercises (supersets!). Other days will pair the main lift with a complementary movement (ex: front squats and reverse lunges).

When we superset, you’ll go immediately into the second movement with minimal rest. Once you finish the superset, you’ll rest roughly 90 seconds before starting your next set. The first few sets might feel easy, but oh boy does it get hard towards the end. You might not be able to get 5 reps for all 10 sets and that’s a-ok. There will be no forced-reps or negatives performed. If you can only get 3 reps with good form instead of 5, then that’s it, move on. You won’t take any weight off the bar to make sure you get all your reps once it gets hard. You start and stay with the same weight for every set. Same thing goes with the resting: you will not be resting three minutes to give yourself a better chance at hitting every rep. 90 seconds and go. It will take a short while for you body to get used to this volume, but it will.

Mondays we will lift. Tuesdays we will lift. Wednesdays will be conditioning only. Thursdays we will resume lifting. Fridays we will continue lifting. Saturdays will be conditioning only. Sundays are mandatory rest.

As I said above, we will be focusing mainly on powerlifting while dialing down the olympic lifting (unless you come to BarbellWOD!). Everyone will be following the same strength cycle, and the wods will be programmed for the best and scaling options will be provided. We won’t have weights written for the workouts, but we will have suggested percentages or the intended stimulus (light, moderate, heavy, etc). Make sure you know what you can front squat, back squat, overhead squat, deadlift, strict press, push press, and bench press. We will be using percentages based on those lifts. For those of you that normally don’t do overhead squats, we will work on mobility and we will practice them this week. You might have to resort to an empty barbell or a pvc pipe. We will also be incorporating some snatch high pulls and clean high pulls from the hang in the next cycle. We will all practice these movements before they show up.

Supplemental Work
I wish we had two hours for each class because there’s always so much I want everyone to do! But alas, we only have one hour each day to spend together. We will start offering more detailed supplemental work with the next cycle (gymnastics, olympic lifting, running/rowing) and with that we will schedule more BarbellWODs, GymnastyWODs, and EnduranceWODs. Gone are the days of open gym. There will be a short block of open gym time each morning (6am-8am), and a few hours in the afternoons on Wednesday and Thursday (4pm-6pm), but that will most likely be it until we finish this cycle in 3 months.

When I post the programming for the CrossFit classes each week, I will also post the supplemental programming with descriptions, detailed rep schemes, and links to videos to demonstrate the movements. If you come to any of these specialty WODs, there will be a coach to supervise and explain the programming, but this might not be the best time to learn something new each day. Let’s say it’s GymnastyWOD that day and it involves something like muscle ups. If you can’t do a muscle up, you’ll have to scale down. To what? Make sure to check the progression board by the mobility area. A muscle up is a pull-to-object (pull ups, ring rows, scapular pull ups) and a press-from-object (ring dips, parallete dips, box dips).

Specialty Scheduling
Mondays – BarbellWOD at 5pm and 7pm
Tuesdays – BarbellWOD at 5pm and 7pm; GymnastyWOD at 6pm
Wednesdays – EnduranceWOD at 6pm
Thursdays – GymastyWOD at 6pm
Fridays – BarbellWOD at 5pm and 7pm; EnduranceWOD at 6pm
Saturdays – BarbellWOD at 11am

This will start next week. There are no specialty classes on the schedule for this week.

This will be the last week to register for our TeamAmanda Fundraiser.

The deadline is September 24th and the event is on October 10th. You can find more information HERE. If you haven’t signed up, make sure you do it over the next few days. There’s no game in town on October 10th, so join us! On Sunday the 11th we will have a cookout. Money will go towards a great cause, and you better have a good explanation for why you haven’t signed up. Do you just hate people that have a harder life than you or something? Sign up.

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