Community WOD? 

With the CrossFit Open starting this week, we are making some changes to the schedule to accommodate our gym’s and our members’ participation in the Open. 

We are doing each week’s Open WOD together as a gym each Saturday morning for the next 5 weeks. Even if you’re not signed up for the Open (which there’s still time to at!), any and all CFS members can still come participate on Saturdays. We’ll have scaled and rx crossfit options, as well as a Sweatshop version of the workout for our Sweatshop members. 

Unfortunately, at this time, we will not be offering the free community wod until further notice. I’ll have to see how the first week or two goes before I can consider bringing it back. The priority on Saturdays right now is to get all CFS members that have registered for the Open to perform the workout and get a valid score to submit to the Games site. Each week is a surprise workout, so I do not know if I can accommodate everyone without interfering with our members experience. 

I hope you understand, and at most it will only be the next 5 weeks that do not have a free community wod. Thank you.