CrossFit Open 2017: Slammin’ Saturdays

It’s almost that time of year again: The CrossFit Games season starts next month with the CrossFit Open beginning on February 23rd. For five weeks, for five workouts, any and every athlete has the chance to participate in this competition to see how they perform against their fellow crossfitters worldwide. Just as we’ve done in previous years, we’re thrilled to put together another great event for all our members.

Just uttering the words “CrossFit Open” tends to evoke a myriad of responses at the gym. We encourage all our members to register even when they balk at the idea (Registration begins January 12th at The Open is designed to be accessible to all athletes while rigorous enough to challenge the world’s fittest. Each workout has a scaled and Rx option to help accommodate everyone. Fourteen-year-old high school freshmen compete in the Open, as well as their 77-year-old grandparents and everyone in between. Sign up for $20, do the workouts, enter your scores, and you will be ranked in relation to your peers in your age division, competition region, state and country. You can find out more about the Open HERE.

So why should you sign up for the Open? With the inclusion of the Scaled division and all the different age divisions, there will now be more opportunities for athletes of all levels to participate in the Open. Even the ‘casual’ CrossFitter—the athlete who simply participates in CrossFit for their health and fitness—can be tempted to join in with the fun; the question is, why should they? The Open is a time when “CrossFit—the training methodology” and “CrossFit—the sport” merge together. Yes it’s a competition, yes it’s designed to be fun, but it’s also a great way reach your health and fitness goals. There are several reasons why anyone and everyone (including you) needs to do the Open.

1. Provides you with a benchmark of your current level of fitness

The Open contains some of the most challenging workouts you will ever be exposed to. It’s not only a measure of where you stand in your CrossFit abilities, but also an excellent test of your general physical preparedness—i.e. your current level of fitness. The toughness of each Open WOD is a great way to measure how far you’ve progressed from year to year, seeing as how it’s designed to test multiple elements of an individual’s fitness. Your strength, stamina, speed, mobility and skill will all be put to the test. You may even be able to achieve new movements and weights that you had previously thought unattainable. Once you complete the five workouts of the Open, you’ll be able to look back at your performances and know that you have set new benchmarks for yourself in all areas of your fitness.

2. Highlights your weaknesses
A major goal of the Open is to expose an individual’s weaknesses. The organizers of the Games are trying to trim down the athletes to find the fittest men and women each year, but even if you don’t intend to ever ‘compete’ in CrossFit it’s still incredibly useful to know where your weaknesses lie. Part of the process of developing your fitness and becoming a better athlete is through identifying which areas are limiting your progress the most. Participating in the Open is a great way to achieve that, because you’ll be hit with a different test of fitness from week to week. Whether it’s gymnastic skills, strength, endurance or Olympic Weightlifting, your weaknesses will become immediately apparent to you as you’ll shine in some of the workouts and likely bomb other ones. You can then come away from the Open with that knowledge and develop a plan with your coach to turn those weaknesses into strengths, and become a fitter athlete as a result.

3. Increases motivation
Everyone’s desire to workout and get fitter can dwindle. It’s hard to maintain the energy and enthusiasm for eating clean, working out regularly and spending the necessary time to become a healthier person. Every year, people succumb to the CrossFit burnout. The Open provides a change of pace to your regular schedule and can reignite your motivation to become fitter, healthier, faster, stronger, etc. You’ll know that for five weeks there will be one special workout that thousands of other athletes around the world will be attempting to complete. Use the Open to reignite your motivation to reach your goals—not just for the five weeks the Open lasts, but for long after that.

4. Promotes camaraderie
Every CrossFit workout is tough, but an Open workout is one that you get to share with thousands of other athletes around the world—not to mention the people in your box! This is a unique element of the Open, amplified by the fact that you can also post your scores from each workout online so that you can compare yourself against the other Open competitors at your box and around the globe. That is certainly something you don’t get to do every day, and as such, it places extra ‘weight’ on each one of the five Open workouts. Now you’re not just comparing yourself to other people in your gym, you get to evaluate your fitness against athletes from all over the world. And because each Open WOD is special in that sense, you can strategize with other athletes in the box to try and develop a game plan to produce your best score. You can pull tips from people who have already performed 15.1, and in turn pass on your advice after you perform the workout yourself (unless of course you want to keep those tips and tricks to yourself). This competitive spirit and the knowledge that you’re competing against thousands of other people doing the same workout helps to promote an air of friendly competition and camaraderie at the box.

5. It’s fun!
At CFS everyone will get together each weekend and push thru the same difficult workouts and share an amazing experience. For five weeks, you’ll be able to test your fitness in unique workouts, achieve some of your goals, boost your desire to become fitter, make new friends and experience the competitive side of the sport. So sign up!



So are you ready to register for the Open and join your fellow CFS athletes for five weeks of fun? This year we’ll be changing things up a little. The past few years we’ve done Friday Night Lights where we replaced our evening classes with the Open workout. For the most part it ran well and we had a great time, but this year we’re moving it to Saturdays.

So mark your calendars for Slammin’ Saturdays! Yeah, I’m not fond of the name either but I still have time to come up with something else! The first event will fall on February 25th. We’ll run heats for a few hours each Saturday morning and finish up before noon. Afterwards we’ll have brunch at the gym: pancakes, bacon, eggs, fruit, mimosas! We’ll plan the details as we get closer, but I’ll do most of the cooking on the grill and griddles I have. We can do potluck, or have a small donation from everyone to cover some costs. Plus, who doesn’t love brunch?! Terrorists.

This year I’m also going to entice you with some free swag. For everyone that registers for the Open before February 18th, I’ll give you a free tanktop! And this is available to all CFS members: crossfitters and sweatshoppers!


Black tanks with blue print. On the back will be our CFS logo. Once you’ve registered for the Open (registration begins on January 12th!), you’ll need to give me your shirt size. I’ll have samples at the gym. Make sure you register and give me your info before February 18th, no exceptions! For those that like to accessorize, I’ll also have additional colors for sale.

I’ll make another post in the future that will include more details about the themed weeks, teams, and point system for our intramural throwdown! And yes, there will be many make up options for those that can’t make it on Saturday mornings because they’re a little too hungover to get out of bed. But until then, see you at the gym!