CrossFit Burn

CrossFit Burn

CrossFit Burn

CrossFit Burn incorporates the same functional movements that are seen throughout CrossFit but with a specialized focus on burning fat, increasing your cardio and creating strong, lean muscles all within a high-intensity workout! Whether you are looking for something new or want to add some variety to your current fitness, CrossFit Burn can benefit your overall health by lowering body fat percentage, increasing cardiovascular output, building the balance between strength and cardio, teaching you about body mechanics and functional movements, and building confidence.

Why CrossFit Burn?
Here at Crossfit South, our daily programming is built around a framework of strength movements—squats, presses, deadlifts, and the Olympic lifts. While we believe that virtuosity in these movements is an important part of your athletic development, we understand that not everyone shares our enthusiasm for heavy barbell lifting. That’s where CrossFit Burn comes in.

Who is CrossFit Burn for? 
Like all of our classes, CrossFit Burn is for any individual and can be scaled to ALL fitness levels. It is especially for:
•Fitness beginners who are interested in our CrossFit classes but want to build up some conditioning and basic strength first. This is a way for people to test the waters first.

•Fit individuals who are tired of the globogym scene and want the variety and intensity of CrossFit without the more technical lifts.

•Crossfit athletes who need a break from heavy barbell lifting or deconditioned Crossfit athletes coming back after taking time off.

•Individuals who have an injury that prevents them from lifting heavy weight but still want to get in shape.

Our CrossFit and CrossFit Burn classes run concurrently every day: both classes will do similar but different workouts. Some days everyone does the same workout side by side, regardless of skill and experience level!