First day done, forever to go!

The first day at the new facility went great with only a few minor hiccups.

Remember, everyone must sign up for the class they are planning on attending so we can make sure to have enough coaches on hand to help. This also lets us know if a newbie is attending, so we can plan accordingly. This goes for everyone, whether you’re a current member, a drop-in visitor, or new and trying out a class.

If you’re not coming, please cancel your spot. If you’re going to be late, let us know and get here as quickly as possible. You will need to warm up before jumping in, even if that means missing part of the class.

Make sure you have an account and have signed a waiver online, we are not doing paper waivers currently… Going green! If you show up without the waiver signed, you’ll need to get online and do it.

If only 1 person is signed up, the class will be canceled regardless if 5 people decide to show up. I think a one hour cutoff is sufficient.

Thank you.