Once COVID-19 struck, some of the changes we put into place included smaller group classes as well as suspending our free community workouts on Saturday. It hurt us to do so as it was something we offered every week since we opened 10 years ago! We still want to offer something free to the community, so in the meantime we decided to start First Fridays.

The first Friday of the month will be free to non-members to come join us for a free class. Current members are encouraged to bring family and friends with them, too! You can drop in every month!

If you’re interested in trying us out before joining, you don’t have to wait for the first Friday! All prospective members can drop in on one free class on us. Just send us an email to let us know who you are and then pick any class time that works for you!

There are some ways where First Fridays can be a better option for those looking into finding a gym. Our Saturday community workouts were usually programmed to be “simpler”, but that doesn’t mean they were easy! We would have a lot of newbies and a lot of veterans, so we needed to scale to the lowest common denominator. A lot of times that meant no barbells and longer partner-based workouts. Now that non-members can drop in on the First Friday of the month, they can experience what a typical class at CrossFit South is like. That includes guided warm-up and mobility, strength and technique work with a barbell, as well as shorter, more varied workouts. Finally, whereas our free Saturdays only offered one class time, on First Fridays you can come to any of our Group WODs offered morning and afternoon!

So to get started you’ll need to create an account with us HERE and sign up for a class time on the first Friday of the month. As we mentioned above, class sizes are limited to allow for proper social distancing, so make sure you sign up in advance! If the website won’t let you sign up, then that means the cap has been reached and we cannot accommodate anymore people at that time slot. People of all skill level are welcome! If there’s something that you cannot do the day you drop-in, it’ll be our job to scale appropriately and find something that you can do!

It’s really that simple, no strings attached! We won’t flood your emails or mass text you to join like other gyms. We’ve always given back to the community with free workouts, and that’s never going to change. If you have any questions, send us an email at staff@crossfitsouth.com!