Great to see everyone back!

We had a full house today with lots of familiar faces as well as some newbies! We also had some no-shows…boo! If you sign up and don’t show up, you’re taking the spot of someone else that could’ve been there. We cap our Barbell Club, we reached capacity today, and yet we had two no-shows. This has happened a few times since we moved, and if this continues, we might start changing our attendance policy and charging no shows. It takes almost no effort to cancel your class. It’s even easier to text or call us to let us know.

Question: as far as I’m aware I’ve changed the address online in every possible venue: the website, frontdesk, Google, Facebook, Yelp, and more. And 99% of y’all come to the right place. But every now and then someone goes to the old place. Is it that hard to read the website? Google is showing the new address for me… What about you? Is it the shitty apple maps that takes you to the wrong place?