The Intergalactic Throwdown returns to CrossFit South on February 16th 2019. It will be a partner competition split into three divisions:

  • RX
  • Scaled
  • Just For Fun!

We will be partnering with the Athens Area Homeless Shelter to raise money for their supplies, with a portion of each registration going towards their donation.

Teams can be MM, FF, or MF.  All teams will be competing against every team in the same division. Female team member(s) will receive a multiplier for the max lift and max calorie rowed event.

The Just For Fun division will do “simpler” but similar wods, with very lax judging if any at all. No prizes for this division, but your registration fee gets your team two shirts and helps support the Athens Area Homeless Shelter.

The RX division should be for those that can and did RX the 2018 CrossFit Open. If you cannot RX every movement but are close, consider registering for RX. Everyone will silently judge you if you sandbag and register for Scaled and completely dominate the competition. 😉


Athletes have 20 minutes to establish their heaviest successful lift in the following complex:

Clean + Hang Clean + Jerk
+ Calories rowed

While one athlete is lifting the other athlete should be rowing. Your score for this workout is the highest successful lift from each partner plus the total calories rowed.

  • One athlete lifts at a time. Athletes can lift in any order. Weight can be removed and added as deemed fit
  • Athlete must show full control at the top before dropping the barbell
  • Any type of clean (ground to shoulder), any type of hang clean (hang to shoulder), any type of shoulder to overhead
  • Female athletes multiply weight achieved by 1.5x
  • One athlete can row at a time. Athletes can row in any order.
  • Female teams multiply calories rowed by 1.25x. Mixed team multiplier TBD.

Just For Fun teams will simply row for max calories in 20 minutes.

You Go I Go (Cap 7 minutes)

20/15 calorie bike
10m handstand walk
10 devil presses, 50/35#
10 handstand push ups

15/12 calorie bike
10 burpee box jump overs, 24/20″
10 devil presses, 35/20#
20 wall balls, 20/14#

15/12 calorie bike
10 burpee box jump overs, 24/20″
10 DB thrusters, your weight choice
20 wall balls, your weight choice

I have a feeling this workout will scare away a lot of people from doing RX when they really should stick in the RX division. Handstand walks showed up in the Open this year, it shows up in the Games and Regionals all the time. You still have time to practice, or you can ignore the holes in your game…

Either way, don’t sign up for Scaled when you know you shouldn’t…

Athlete A goes, and once they’ve completed the workout then Athlete B goes.

For the handstand walk, there will be hash marks to allow progression; the 10m handstand walk does not have to be unbroken. Hashes will be set ~2m or so.

Handstand push ups will be directly on our turf. Movement starts with body fully extended, inverted, heels in contact with the wall. Then lower yourself so your head touches the turf. Return to the starting position with a strict or kipping hspu.

Devil presses will be a double dumbell burpee to overhead. You can do a double dumbbell snatch or clean + jerk.

IsaHell (Cap 12 Minutes)

Isabell is a classic CrossFit Girl Benchmark: 30 snatches at 135/95#. We’ll be doing Isabell with a twist!

200 double under buy-in, split however
Athlete 1
10 snatches, 135/95#
10 snatches, 155/110#
10 snatches, 185/125#
Athlete 2
10 snatches, 135/95#
10 snatches, 155/110#
10 snatches, 185/125#

400 single under buy-in, split however
Athlete 1
10 snatches, 75/55#
10 snatches, 95/65#
10 snatches, 115/75#
Athlete 2
10 snatches, 75/55#
10 snatches, 95/65#
10 snatches, 115/75#

400 single under buy in, split however
200 ball slams, your weight choice, split however

The double unders and single unders can be split however between athletes. One athlete works at a time.

The non-working partner can help change the weights on the barbell

Snatches can be power, squat, muscle, split. Ground to overhead in one continuous movement.

Must show control of the barbell overhead before the rep will be counted.

Yes, these weights are heavy. WODs are supposed to be challenging! Even if you can hit all the weights, I’m not sure many teams will finish in the time cap, so don’t let the weights scare you from registering.


AMRAP 15 (all levels)
300/250m row
600/500m bike
200m shuttle run

Athlete 1 rows their distance then physically tags in their partner that is on the bike. Athlete 2 bikes their distance then tags in their partner who is set up with their hand on the box at the starting line. Athlete 1 then runs 10x20m and tags in their partner that is on the rower. Athlete 2 then begins the second round by completing the row, Athlete 1 then bikes. Athlete 2 runs. And so on…

Score is reps, with each complete distance worth one rep. Ex: row + bike + run + row + bike = 5.

The shuttle run starts with the athlete with their hand on the box at the starting line. They’ll run to the end of the gym and physically touch the wall before turning around and coming back. To complete each leg of the shuttle run the Athletes must touch the box/wall.

Tiebreaker will go to total meters of the final round.


Teams of two, any style: MM or FF or MF. All teams (same sex and mixed) will be going head to head in their division, with female team member(s) receiving a multiplier for their max lift and max calories rowed. See above for details on the wods.

There are three divisions for you to choose from: RX, Scaled, Just For Fun. Each participant will receive their choice of shirt (unisex raglan or women’s racerback tank top), and a portion of each registration will go towards the Athens Area Homeless Shelter.

Registration is $100 per team in RX and Scaled, and $50 for Just For Fun. Registration closes on February 3rd.

The top 5 RX and top 5 Scaled teams will receive prizes. There will be no prizes for Just For Fun.

Here are the proofs for the shirts. Final colors may change.