Migrating Off Of Wodtogether

We’ve been slowly transitioning off of wodtogether since we no longer use their scheduling services (athens.fitness/schedule) nor their programming/record keeping (sugarwod instead). Now we’re moving all of our billing and membership services onto athens.fitness. We could probably move programming onto the website, but sugarwod is a lot fancier and usually easier to use.

As mentioned in December when we installed the 24/7 door access, we would be adjusting prices in the new year. We already changed prices when we knew we were moving back in October, so if you’ve joined since then you won’t see anything new. In fact, you now have the option for a lower monthly rate.


We’re not the biggest fans of contracts, but they’re available if you want to save money. If you’re a student and plan on being gone for the summer, you can put your account on hold for up to 3 months and pick up where you left off in the fall. Anyone can put their account on hold, for the record. Just fill out the hold form on the membership page, link above in the menu. If you’re a student and you’re planning on graduating this spring/summer, just pick the 6-month plan and we won’t charge any early cancel fees even if you’ll only be here for a couple months.

If you could help finish the transition this month, that would be great. Just pick a membership, and when you checkout use the code WAFFLES to zero out the first payment for March, then on April 1st it’ll start your membership at the regular price. A few of you renew on the 15th of the month, so email us at staff@athens.fitness with the plan you want and we’ll send you a link that will automate to the 15th.

Once we see the order go through, we’ll disable your account on wodtogether. If we don’t see anything from you by the end of the month, then you’ll be moved over to the new monthly rate on wodtogether. If you have any questions about any of this, please send us an email or talk to us at the gym. We want to make this as easy as possible. Once we’ve fully transitioned over, we can add more functionality to the website for members, including an easier even class sign up page.

If you get this taken care of by the 7th then we’ll also give you a coupon code for 50% off the new tees and tanks we have coming in!