On September 3rd we will host a mock lifting meet for CFS members only.

To see how a weightlifting meet runs, check out this blog post for details. Instead of competing by weight classes, we will have a sort of rx/scaled group for both men and women. If you’re strong, sign up for RX.  If you’re not the most comfortable with the oly lifts, sign up for scaled. Scaled will get slightly more leeway in terms of judging and time to declare weights as well as to complete the lift. Scaled group will snatch first, then the RX group, and then same for clean & jerk.

We will have athletes weigh in at the beginning so we can calculate Sinclair totals. Those with the highest raw totals and/or sinclairs will be the “winners”.

Make sure you read the linked post above, that’s exactly how we will run things the day of the competition.

I’ll have a link to sign up in our CFS Facebook Group (members only), and I’ll answer any questions you may have there!