Olympic Lifting teaches an athlete how to explode, activating a maximum number of muscle units rapidly and simultaneously. The practice of proper technique in the Olympic lifts teaches an athlete to apply force with his or her muscle groups in the proper sequences (i.e., from the center of the body to its extremities). This is a valuable technical lesson that can be of benefit to any athlete who needs to impart force to another person or object, a necessity in virtually every sport. The athlete learns to receive force from another moving body effectively and becomes conditioned to accept such forces if required. The actual movements performed while executing the Olympic lifts are among the most common and fundamental in athletics.

At CrossFit South, we offer many different services. One of our specialty classes is our Barbell Club. We program a separate Olympic Lifting program that meets multiple times a week under the guidance of an oly coach. Join us to practice the snatch and clean & jerk, as well as accessory work to improve your lifts. Our members can also come to the gym outside of these designated class times to do the programming by themselves, but we encourage you to come to class to get feedback! Check out our schedule HERE to find our class times.