For those that would like to use the gym when we’re not hosting classes you can purchase a membership that gives you 24/7 access. As a member, you agree to abide by CrossFit South rules listed below, on the gym website, or posted at the facility. These rules may be amended from time to time at the sole discretion of CFS. Below are the general rules that you must meet in order to be eligible to have access to the gym.

[box_header type=”h4″ bottom_border=”1″ animation=”0″]You must be experienced with CrossFit or barbell training for 6 months. If you trained somewhere prior you’ll need to have them contact us for verification. You must have been a CFS member for a minimum of 1 month and have a minimum of 20 check-ins until you are eligible for access. If you are new and want access, please contact us at to discuss your eligibility[/box_header]
[items_list list_header=”Facility Rules” bottom_border=”1″ animation=”1″ additembutton=”” additemwindow=””]

  • All members must present their credentials to the electronic door. Multiple people cannot enter under one credential. Each person must scan and unlock the door individually.
  • Do not bring or otherwise allow a person that is not an approved 24/7 member into the facility. This includes pets and children.
  • No one under the influence of alcohol or drugs is permitted in the gym at any time.
  • The gym is monitored by surveillance cameras. Do not touch, remove, or unplug any security cameras.
  • Admittance is not allowed behind the front desk, management offices, storage closets or maintenance rooms.
  • All doors, including the bay door, must remain closed during all non-class hours. Take your phone or keyfob with you if you go for a run or need to go outside; never leave the door ajar, for any reason.
  • Periodically, there will be times when the gym must be closed completely. This will include 24/7 access.
  • All retail items taken from the gym must be logged on the purchase sheet. Failure to do so is considered stealing and will be dealt with accordingly.
  • When leaving the gym, you must turn off all lights and electronics. Saloon doors must be closed.
  • Do not adjust the thermostat or speaker volume. You can connect to the speaker with the 3.5mm audio jack.
  • Be sure to push the door closed and check to make sure it is locked!

[/items_list][items_list list_header=”Equipment Rules” bottom_border=”1″ animation=”1″ additembutton=”” additemwindow=””]

  • You may only use equipment you understand how to use.
  • All equipment will remain in the gym at all times and must never be taken outside or removed from the facility, for any reason.
  • You must inspect all equipment prior to using it. Notify management and all other members using the facility if any equipment is not working properly or if you notice any potentially dangerous conditions within the facility.
  • Return all equipment, chalk, and/or other gym supplies to their designated storage area after use. Throw away your trash and keep the gym organized and clean.
  • Do not drop an empty barbell or a barbell loaded with 10’s or 15’s.

[/items_list][items_list list_header=”Personal Responsiblity and Safety” bottom_border=”1″ animation=”1″ additembutton=”” additemwindow=””]

  • Athletes alone in the gym must keep their phone nearby in order to call 911 if required.
  • No activities that a reasonable person would consider to be unsafe will be performed.
  • Stop exercising if you experience an injury, feel dizzy, sick or abnormal and seek medical attention.
  • Inspect your surroundings to make sure equipment and weights are not obstructing your intended exercise. Remove potential trip hazards from the floor before beginning your workout.
  • Any injury, emergency, problems with the facility or damage to any equipment will immediately be reported to facility staff.
  • We require two person integrity for all lifts where a spotter is necessary. The spotter must be another 24/7 access member.
  • Limit all movements to 75% loading during non-staffed hours. No maxing out.
  • You must comply with all social distancing guidelines and Covid-19 cleaning procedures as outlined throughout CrossFit South.

[/items_list][items_list list_header=”Violations” bottom_border=”1″ animation=”1″ additembutton=”” additemwindow=””]Failure to follow any of the below rules will result in immediate revocation of privileges:

  • If members bring a pet, child, or non-member into the gym.
  • If a member is under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • If the bay door is opened or equipment is taken outside.

All other violations will result in the following:

  • 1st violation – verbal warning
  • 2nd violation – $50 fine. Will immediately be charged to the credit card on file.
  • 3rd violation – $100 fine. Will immediately be charged to the credit card on file.