Name: Sean “Durkadurkadurka” Durkins
Hometown: Alpharetta, GA
Age: 24
Occupation: Professional student

When did you first start CrossFitting?
January ’13

When did you start training at CrossFit South?
January ’13

Favorite WOD or movements?
Cleans. “The only thing better than a double stuffed oreo is a good clean or back squat” – HS gym coach

Least favorite WOD or movements?
13.1 (Shit sucked)

What sports/health background do you have if any?
Football, lacrosse, cheerleading (collegiate)

How did you first get exposed to CrossFit?
Old teammates opened a gym in Louisville. My buddy, Dan, got certified in Afghanistan on a tour and it’s all he fucking talks about…still

Do you remember your first time doing CrossFit, how did it go?
Yeah, it was early January 2013. It was f’n terrible. I thought I was dying. somewhat analagous to my first drinking experience: I threw up but always come back for more.

What changes have you seen since starting at CrossFit South?
I lost 15lbs. I can do pull ups. I have more energy. More focus. Better sleep.

Any advice for new people starting or contemplating CrossFit?
Don’t! Haha JK. It’s worth a shot. It’s a cool system and it’s great for people who need a group or team atmosphere. If accountability is your issue this is perfect! Keras will text me if I’m lazy and don’t show up.

Hobbies/interest outside of a WOD?
School, medicine, jogging. Wednesday night trivia at Copper Creek. Offroading, motorboating, sailing.

Favorite cheat meal?
Every Thursday is large chicken fried rice night from Golden Sun

What do you want to accomplish by this time next month? In 3 months? Before the end of the year?
Next month: lose 5lbs fat
3 months: I’d like to hit sub-200lbs
End of the year: 400# back squat, 225# clean, 8-pack

What type of music do you like to WOD to?
The Offspring, Beastie Boys, Young Jeezy, Linkin Park, something with a heavy bass