Sunday, August 10th update

We’ll be trying something new and posting an update every Sunday to talk about the previous week and/or let you know what to expect in the coming week(s). It might not happen every Sunday, but I’ll at least try!

So we just finished with the high volume cycle and this week we will be deloading. Volume (amount of work) and load (weight) will be going down, but the intensity will still be kinda high (or at least we’ll be programming to allow high intensity). We’ve done a lot this summer so it’s time to take a step back and relax. We DO NOT get stronger and fitter from working out. We get stronger and fitter when we recover from working out. If you constantly go all out, you will eventually stop making gains and/or you will get injured. We will spend the next week focusing on mobility and skill work while omitting barbell work. No exceptions! Even our coaches will follow the gym programming to the letter. There will be no Open Gym this week or next, but we will be adding more class times in its spots. I don’t need people doing more than what’s programmed during the next two weeks.

Next week will be just as important as this week in terms of following the programming. Next week we will be testing our lifts as well as a few benchmark WODs. We will have 3 days of programming next week (MWF) with make ups on the other days. It’s very important that you make it MWF or at least make up those days during the week. The programming will start using percentages of your lifts, so you’ll need to figure out a current max. I’m more worried about your Everyday Max (EDM) than I am about a PR that you might not be able to hit anymore. There will also be a little something extra for those that want to do more than the 3 programmed days…just a little. Next week I’ll talk more about the upcoming cycle of programming!

Skill work + short bodyweight wod

Gymnastics technique + running wod

Core work + rowing wod

Bodyweight benchmark tests + girl wod

Gymnastics fun day!