Sunday, August 17th update

Deload week is done! Thanks for being patient and trusting our programming! The only way to get better is to let your body rest and recover from the hell we put you through every day, even if it means taking a break from the barbell every now and then.

So this week, we are testing all our lifts for an Everyday Max (EDM). An EDM is a max that you can hit everyday, regardless of your mood or what you ate for breakfast or what the color of the boathouse in Hereford is… in case it wasn’t obvious by the name.

If you fail the lift and want to retry, it’s obviously more than your EDM, so no, move on to the next movement.

If you can work up to a back squat of 315# in about twelve minutes but you need another twenty minutes to successfully squat 325#, no, move on and take 315# as your EDM.

We will start using percentages a lot more during the skill portion as well as the WOD. A lot of these percentages will be challenging but doable if you are using your EDM to calculate these numbers, and not some old PR that might be out of your current reach. I do not want any missed lifts for this next cycle!

The lifts will be tested on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday… With different lifts every day. If you only come 3x next week come on those days. If you cannot make it all of those days, you will get a chance to make them up on Tuesday and Thursday

If you come more than 3x next week, then there will be a wod for you on Tuesday and Thursday. The wods will be benchmark girl wods, so take your time to get ready and then give it everything you got!

If you need extra work this week, you will be doing intervals on the rower. I will post those every day.

Back squat, press, push press, c&j

Girl wod capped at 10 minutes

Jerk, overhead squat, snatch

Girl wod capped at 15 minutes

Deadlift, bench, clean

Let is know if you have any questions or concerns about the upcoming cycle.

Happy lifting!