Sunday, August 31st update


Tomorrow is Labor Day and we will be open for only one class at 0900. We will be doing a hero workout, and scaling options will be provided. Come work out and then go grill and hang out with your family and friends!

Week 1 is finished and in the books. We did some squats, got sore, and Georgia won their first game against Clemson. Make sure you remind William and Loren what happened in case they turned off the TV early. Go Dawgs! Week 2 will have more squats, more olympic lifting, and more heavy wods. Friday will not be Open Gym since Monday is a holiday, so the programming needs to be shifted.

Monday – hero wod
Tuesday – squats!!!!!!!
Wednesday – snatches, cleans, muscle ups – short heaving wod
Thursday – bench press – running and burpees
Friday – jerks + narrow grip overhead squats – chipper
Saturday – olympic lifting technique (unlimited membership required)
Sunday – interval training (unlimited membership required)

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