Sunday October 19th Update


First off, a big shout-out to Haley since she did such an awesome job organizing and running her annual Kettlebells for the Kids fundraiser this Saturday. So far she raised $1500 for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, and she still has more t-shirts for sale!

Speaking of swag, I’ll have the samples ready for the jackets this week. The light-weight zip up will be $20 and the pullover will be $40 unless we get a lot of people ordering them, then they’ll be a little cheaper. These will be prepaid only. More details will be posted on the website and at the gym once the samples are done.

And like pretty much every Friday night: Girl’s Night WOD! We’ll be cooking out afterwards this Friday, and I’ll have a sign up sheet posted at the gym so you can write down if you’ll be bringing something to the event (food, utensils, beer, cookies, beer…). I’d like to see a much greater turn out this week, including participation from our coaches, too! I’ll be doing it, so you should too! We’re doing Girl’s Nights for two reasons: 1) it’s fun and helps build the community and 2) it’s letting us practice how we’re going to run the CrossFit Open next year. The Open will be done in one big ass event every Friday during the season. If you compete, you judge as well so we can make sure everyone gets thru it in a reasonable time. We’ll have a second day to do the open wods, but we don’t want it to be such a clusterfuck as it was last year (sorry).

What to expect this week? Hmmm….

Monday – squat day
Tuesday – bench; couplet of gymnastics and barbell
Wednesday – oly; chipper
Thursday – oly; triplet of gymnastics and barbell
Friday – open gym; girls night will be either Grace or Isabel!
Saturday – oly (unlimited members) + free team wod
Sunday – open gym (unlimited members)