Sunday October 26th update


Short update today, but I have another announcement that I’ll share tomorrow about a fundraiser we’ll be doing next month.

This Friday is Halloween and since most everyone is out of town including our coaches, we’ll be having one class at 6pm only on Friday. As it says on Frontdeskhq when you register for Friday’s Pumpkin Party, you have to wear a costume or else you’ll do 200 burpees for time. It would also be in your best interest to bring a pumpkin.

Only two more weeks of this cycle, then we’ll do a week of fun and testing benchmarks, then we’ll do a 4-week oly cycle. What to expect this week:

Monday: bench; deadlifts; Couplet wod
Tuesday: squat day; core work
Wednesday: snatch; Gymnastics wod
Thursday: cleans; long wod involving running
Friday: Halloween Pumpkin Party
Saturday: free team wod only