Sunday, September 14th update

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Thanks for all of you that came out to Terrapin and the cook out, we’ll be doing it again so don’t worry if you missed it!

I’ll be doing the t-shirt order soon. I’ll order a set number of each size, but you can let me know what size and style you want and I’ll make sure to have extra. I will also be doing a few tank tops, but there will not be any extra made. I’ve done a survey in the facebook group, but if you’re not on facebook make sure you let me know before the end of day Monday if you would like a tank top. Seriously…who isn’t on facebook these days? Even if you don’t like fb it’s a necessary evil.


Not much else to write about. Make sure you don’t drop bars from overhead, some of you were a bit lazy this weekend and noticed that the new plates bounce a lot more. One, it’s unnecessarily lazy to drop a bar, and two, they bounce and can hurt someone! Some slight tweaking was done to the programming: there will be a few deload days for the squat cycle so you don’t get burned out. This week is a deload from heavy squats, but there will still be some squatting!

Week 4
Monday: hang snatch technique + short chipper
Tuesday: deadlifts and front squats + girl benchmark wod
Wednesday: corework, skillwork, gymnastics, and strongman movements
Thursday: benchpress + a triplet wod
Friday: open gym (bonus rowing wod)
Saturday: jerk technique (unlimited membership required) and free team wod
Sunday: open gym (unlimited membership required)

See yous guys tomorrow!