Sunday Update, 09/18/16

Hey gang! Haven’t had one of these in a while! I’ll try to make these a little more regular, but to stay the most up-to-date with the happenings at CFS, make sure to join our Facebook Group.


Only a month until our Barbells for Boobs fundraiser! Click HERE for more information, including links to register to throwdown as well as purchase B4B t-shirts. Free to play, and it’s open to everyone! You do not have to be a CFS member to participate! There are individual work outs and a partner division. You can do individual and/or partners. Just check out the requirements for each, and sign up for the one you want. After registration is closed, I’ll post an update for heat times. We’ll most likely start around 9am on October 22nd. The order will go individual scaled 1, individual rx 1, individual scaled 2, individual rx 2, then a short break before partner rx 1, partner scaled, partner rx 2. Save a pair, save a life! Please donate at or purchase a t-shirt to help support a great cause.


Dry Caveman is a voluntary “alcohol abstention competition” – an extension of of that fad diet: PALEO. If they weren’t bakin’ bread, Cavemen sure as heck weren’t brewin’ the juice. Starting on Tuesday and ending after Halloween, you are all encouraged to join this competition. If anyone “breaks”, he/she must complete a punishment WOD. If you make it until the end, you get to come to our after-party! Everyone is invited to participate, all you have to do is pay the cover charge: 6 weeks of not drinking. More information, including the punishment WOD and the form to sign up can be found HERE


At the end of the year, we’ll be looking into supporting a charity around Christmas time. We would like to hear your ideas for a good cause. Please comment below or on the Facebook group. Also, in December, we will have a Secret Santa. With Xmas and New Years landing on weekends this year, we will be closed for the week of Christmas, and reopen in the New Year. I don’t remember the last time my brother and I got to go visit our families, so we finally will this year.


I’ve spoken about the new programming with most of you, but here’s a quick run down of what to expect through the end of the year. Each coach will program for an entire week, and we’ll rotate until we finish this cycle. This way we can avoid the bias of one programmer. There are some loose guidelines for the cycle, but each coach will do something different. No more percentages, every day we max out! We won’t follow a strict cycle with a linear progression (like the recent front squat and push press cycles). So if you miss a squat day, you won’t worry about having to make a big jump the following week.

We are also programming for two-a-days for those of you that have the extra time and fortitude. Inquire with a coach about completing the second session. I won’t be posting the extra work or second session on the daily wod posts. Not because I’m secretive, but because I usually post from my phone to the website and it’s time consuming (and I’m lazy?). We’ll have a binder at the gym with everything written down, just ask! If you’re wanting to take your training seriously, we ask you to do everything we program. No cherry picking. If the second session of the day includes running and you hate running? Tough shit, you’re running! I’d like to see you complete everything everyday if you’re serious. If you won’t take the supplemental programming serious, then maybe you should just focus on the class.

Next month, we will start offering more specialty classes. In addition to weightlifting, we’ll also offer gymnastics, mobility/yoga on Sundays, powerlifting/strongman, and rowing. Some of these classes will run concurrently with CrossFit classes (like Barbell Club does on Tuesdays and Thursdays), but on some days, these Specialty classes may completely displace a regular CrossFit class time. To sign up for these Specialty classes, you’ll need to have the Specialty add-on (formerly Barbell Club add-on). If you already have the barbell club add-on, you’re all set. Pricing will increase next month, so hurry up and lock in the current rates!