Sunday update, December 21st


Hey y’all! Short update this week, but I wanted to let you know a little bit about some big changes coming in the new year.

Christmas schedule
Limited hours this week and we are closed xmas eve and xmas day.

It’s a challenge to program for everyone with just one option for our classes. We tried to cover more with our different levels, and sometime that worked. In 2015, we’re going to diversify further and make our three levels vastly different. Before, levels had varied weights, reps, and sometimes movements. Next year we will have 3 different programs nearly every day!

Level 1
Our level 1 programming will focus on general fitness. This level will bridge the gap between our Sweatshop program and our CrossFit classes. Those that chose the L1 track are athletes that are simply interested in getting in better shape and live a healthier life. Movements in L1 are selected from a smaller pool; we won’t have these athletes do or attempt high skilled movements such as handstand push ups, Olympic lifts, t2b, etc. Instead we will focus on linear strength progressions with the squats, deadlifts, and presses, and metcons will focus on keeping intensity high.

Level 2
Our level 2 programming will look like our main class programming as it is right now. L2 will be for athletes that want to get better at CrossFit, compete in the Open, and maybe participate in local competitions. These athletes understand what we require of every movement, can perform those movements correctly, and wish to get better. If you’re going to cheat yourself on range of motion, if you’re going to mis-count reps, or if you’re going to half-ass it, you’ll need to reflect on your goals and what it’s going to take to get you there. L2 will follow a template of squatting, Olympic lifting, pressing, and gymnastics. Metcons will be more challenging and demanding, but we’ll be getting you ready for the Open over the next few months.

Level 3
Our level 3 programming will be the most challenging option. This is for our athletes that want to place high in the Open and win competitions. The skill and strength portion of each class will have oly lifting and gymnastics every day. Metcons will be similar to L2 programming, and there will be assigned homework every day. This is for serious athletes as it will be physically demanding and will require more than an hour of work each day.

Progressing thru the Levels
Current athletes can chose to do L1 or L2 programming. If you want to do L3, you will need to speak with me or my brother so we can work with you on a game plan. You need to know what level you want to do before you show up since there will be multiple things going on at the same time. We can’t hold your hand and help you make your decision, but we will be there to coach you thru the class. We want to get you better, but we need you to step up and help the classes run smoothly. More information will be posted well before we implement these changes.

New athletes will start at L1. We will be retooling/getting rid of our CF101 program soon. Instead we will have a mandatory L1 intro class to go over the basic movements as well as gym procedure. During this class we will teach the L1 movements, explain our programming, show how classes work, and let you know what to expect in a typical day at CFS. That way when you show up, you understand what is expected of you and what needs to be done.

Once a new athlete believes they are ready for Level 2 they can come to our L2 intro class where we will teach the rest of the movements used in CrossFit. Both of these intro classes will be offered every other weekend. Personal training sessions cost extra.

Membership options
Sometime in the new year we will offer more membership options. We will still only have CrossFit and Unlimited (and I guess sweatshop), but we will have commitment options. Month-to-month options will be the most expensive but you can cancel at any time. Failure to cancel will result in being billed for another month. From there we will offer 3-, 6-, and 12-month commitments. The longer the commitment, the cheaper the monthly membership. The 3-month commitments will reflect our current prices. You will be able to cancel at the end of each cycle, but it will automatically renew if you don’t. Early cancellation fees will apply. The option to cancel your own membership will be enabled on your profile, so you will no longer have to put in a request to management.

The other change we will be making is that we will be offering ACH payments for memberships and swag. Once this option is available we will give you 30 days to add your checking account as the preferred method of payment. After which there will be a surcharge if paying with debit or credit cards. We pay a lot in credit card fees and we are wanting to reduce that. With the money saved we can buy more gear. I know we need some more climbing ropes and dumbbells!

Merry xmas!