Sunday update, June 7th


Battle by the Mounds shirts are in for competitors. Stevie has paid for her team, but everyone else needs to pay and pick up their shirts. I don’t care how you alter them, rip off the sleeves, crop-top, whatever. You simply must wear them this weekend.

#TeamAmanda is for someone most of you do not know. James Bowen’s cousin has undergone a double lung transplant recently, and she has a long road to recovery and plenty of rehab ahead of her. We’re going to start showing support with these t-shirts and then a comp/fundraiser/more tshirts at CFS in the future for her.

Tank tops will be in by the end of the week. $15 cash, $20 card. The more tanks you buy, the more new 15kg barbells I buy!

We will be closed this weekend due to the competition in Cartersville. Come join us and show your support! Let’s start some carpool arrangements.

We’re almost done with this cycle! One more week and then we’ll deload. Next week has a few more heavy lifts, and then the following week we’ll hit a few benchmarks and do a week of partner wods before starting the next cycle. Next cycle will focus more on work capacity and technique. More details soon!

Here’s what you can expect for this week:
-monday: squats
-tuesday: deadlifts (final week for performance)
-wednesday: push press & oly
-thursday: goat work
-friday: squats & oly
-saturday&sunday: closed