Sunday Update, March 1st


Week one of the CrossFit Open is in the books! I’d like to thank everyone that came out and showed their support for Friday Night Lights. I’d especially like to thank my coaches that showed up and helped me make sure every thing ran smoothly, as well as the CFS athletes that came and gave it their all to do 15.1! You guys were awesome and I can’t wait for next week’s!

Check out some of the photos Raleigh took on our facebook page.

Athletes, if you haven’t already, make sure you request access to our Private Facebook Group where you can trash talk and share things with your fellow CFS friends.

I’m going through the results and adding up points for the teams. I’ll update it again tomorrow night since CFHQ is still being annoying and not confirming my brother as the affiliate manager since they have the wrong email on file. Stupid bullshit if you ask me…it should get sorted out soon so we can confirm your scores. In the meantime make sure you submit your score to GAMES.CROSSFIT.COM before Monday night at 8pm EST. Remember, you get a point for your team if you submit your score online! Make sure you pick my brother or I as the judge. I think my name might be listed twice like it was last year. Pick the first one maybe?

Even though the coaches team is ineligible for the grand prize, I’m still awarding points to the team. If they’re the overall winner at the end they get nothing and second place will claim the prize. But maybe they won’t win! Deal with it. The current standings before I add the points for Open submissions are as follows:

Team 1 (Deb’s Illegitimate Children) – 9 points
+8 points for athlete participation
+1 point for Kortney tied for first in Scaled women

Team 2 (The Rainbow Warriors) – 7 points
+7 points for athlete participation

Team 3 (NADS) – 10 points
+7 points for athlete participation
+1 point for Kent placing first in Scaled men
+1 point for Max O placing second in RX men
+1 point for LT tied for first in Scaled women

Team 4 (Winnerz) – 11 points
+6 points for athlete participation (Keras and Justin still haven’t gone, tsk tsk!)
+2 points for Haley winning Spirit of the Open – she had a fall doing T2B but she brushed it off and kept going even though she was on the verge of death! Way to go killer! We wish you a speedy recovery!
+1 point for Brandt placing first in RX men
+1 point for Natalie tied for first in RX women
+1 point for Jess tied for first in RX women

If you can’t make Friday Night Lights, you can still earn a point for participation by doing the WOD on Thursday after the announcement or Sunday at the designated time in the morning. You have three chances to get that point.

Remember, you can also get an extra point for your team by performing the wod on Thursday night at 830pm after the announcement (so +2 points for participation!). No one signed up this week, but I for one am planning on doing it this Thursday. Sign up before the last class starts or else you don’t get a spot. I don’t care if you show up at 830pm, if you didn’t register you don’t get to do the WOD. The gym will close at 730pm on Thursday and will reopen at 820pm.

I personally feel that no team stood out as most spirited this week so I will not be handing out the 5 bonus points for the that…so let’s fix this lack of spirit! Those extra 5 points will come in handy if you want to beat the coaches team!

I’m going to designate themes for the remaining weeks, so maybe that’ll help you guys get in the spirit and show some excess celebration. Make some signs or bring a banner, do something!!! Friday Night Lights is more about having fun together than it is about performance, so let’s go crazy!

15.2Live, Breathe, and Bleed Red & Black
This is bulldog country, so let’s show it by wearing red/black/UGA swag. Paint your face, paint your body. Just don’t show up wearing something besides red and black!

15.3CrossFit #swag
Let’s turn it up to 11 with as much crossfit swag as you can. I’m talking wear as much reebok, rogue, rehband, lululemon you have…the more insane the better! Deck yourself out in sleeves, wraps, shirts, headbands, knee high socks, whatever!

15.480’s Theme
Acid washed jeans. Nuff said.

15.5America, Fuck Yeah!!!
I’ll let each team interpret however they see fit…surprise us!

On the announcement board, I’ve made a section for you to write down your name if you know you’re going to miss a future Friday Night Lights. Please let me know so it’ll be easier for me to create the heats. Unless the future wods are completely different (time-domain wise), I will keep it at heats every 30 minutes, too. I’ll try to raffle off some additional as well as unique prizes in the future. Up for grabs this week are new shirts that should be here by Wednesday…hope you like them!

I think this week for food I’m going to make chicken again (maybe a different recipe) as well as pulled pork. I think we should have enough beer for a while, but it wouldn’t hurt to bring more! I’ll also be grilling veggies like squash and zucchini. Make sure you write down what you will be bringing on the announcement board.

Last but not least, let’s talk hygiene. We get sweaty…we get bloody…let’s not get too messy. We’ve got a wipes station set up by the wod board now, and I’ll probably get another one to put on the other side of the gym, so let’s use them. I’ve told my coaches and most everyone else, but EVERYDAY we need EVERYONE to wipe down EVERYTHING that they touched that day. I’m talking barbells, pull up bars, kettlebells, medicine balls, abmats. Everything! Max and Roman will deep clean everything else every week. I don’t like it when the gym is dirty and messy, and I for one am tired of getting sick during cold and flu season, so let’s cut down on the risk of spreading illnesses and make sure you wipe everything you touch. I’ll have receptacles spread though out the gym for you to easily dispose of the wipes, too. Thanks guys!